‘Below Deck’:The guests seem pretty unhappy about the food

'Below Deck':The guests seem pretty unhappy about the food

Although chef Kevin Dobson of Below Deck managed to cook through the season with a few scratches and culinary bruises, he may have met his opponent during an upcoming charter.

Dobson has had a few hits or misses throughout the season. He impressed some guests with lavish Thai-inspired dishes, but he also had problems. He forgot he had enough food for Captain Lee Rosbach when he dined with the guests. Also, some of his dishes were considered a bit pedantic by the other charter guests.

Although his kitchen was not a big problem, it could become a bigger problem during an upcoming charter. In a forthcoming clip, guests offer a lot of feedback on Courtney Skippon’s stewing food. But it doesn’t end there. One of the guests who says she’s a chef decides to have a heart to heart with Kevin Dobson in the kitchen.

The guests seem pretty unhappy about the food

The skippon is seen clearing breakfast dishes and guests offer some feedback on the food. “The omelets were salty and mine was salty too,” shares one guest. Skippon apologizes and tells the guest that he will pass the information on to Kevin Dobson. Meanwhile, Dobson is filmed sitting in the kitchen looking exhausted.

“I can bring you something else,” offers Skippon. But the guest says they’re all full right now. Another guest, who later shares the fact that she is a cook, suggests that perhaps Kevin Dobson is not in tune with her food. “You can’t serve something you haven’t tasted yourself,” she says. “It’s a common mistake.”

At that point, the guests seem satisfied and ready for a nap before touching the water games. But the guest chef wants to talk to Dobson. “I’m going to talk to Kevin,” he says to one of the other guests. “chef to chef.”

Does Dobson welcome her advice?

In the past, Kevin Dobson often said he couldn’t do anything to please guests when they weren’t satisfied with his cooking. So he reacts positively to guests’ suggestions? The guest finds dobson in the kitchen. When he asks him how he’s doing, he makes faces.

'Below Deck':The guests seem pretty unhappy about the food

“So I want to have an uncomfortable conversation,” it starts. “But chef to chef, uh, you should go a little higher tonight.” Kevin Dobson looks at the guest smiling but with a stunned expression and unable to react. But the host gives dobson some pretty important information. “I mean, people are, like, talking about your cooking behind your back,” he adds.

Kevin Dobson seems stunned. “Really?” he asks. The guest said one of the other guests was “super happy,” but then, “Everyone else was like, ‘We’re eating matzah ball soup.” Dobson’s response was to tell her he’s just a guy, but the guest insists that she’s just trying to take care of him. “Yes, but I don’t need to be looked out for me,” she replies. “I’m an employee of the boat, you know what I mean?” And he takes her advice to heart? Find out how it all plays out on Below Deck, Monday at 9/8 downtown on Bravo.

Written by Tommy Kilmer


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