Bethenny Frankel from ‘The Real Housewives of New York City’ and Her Return to Reality TV

Bethenny Frankel from 'The Real Housewives of New York City' and Her Return to Reality TV

Bethenny Frankel destroyed Bravo fans when she announced she would leave The Real Housewives of New York City. The reality star quoted that she was going to focus on her daughter and a production agreement she had signed earlier in the year. Now that the reality show goes ahead without her, Frankel now tells about the project that would bring her back to television.

“We’re on a legal paper stage for two shows in which I collaborate with Mark Burnett – one that I would be in, that would focus on me and many of the business aspects of myself and the next phase of my life,” Frankel said on Entertainment Tonight. “And the other one, I am not there. I only produce it.”

Frankel signed a production agreement with Mark Burnett, who she thought was a great match for her to work with.

“But both were my ideas,” she explained. “They’re my execution, so it’s great to be able to take the next step on television. And Mark Burnett is another level – I’ve met my match! I’ve met my match romantically [with friend Paul Bernon], and I have met my competition, creatively, professionally and [in] television with Mark Burnett. “

‘The Real Housewives of New York City’ cast relieved

After Frankel’s departure from RHONY, her former co-star Luann de Lesseps said the cast is relieved that she is gone.

“I think the whole cast is relieved in some way, and it also leaves breathing room for other women to shine and show their personality, because a lot of Bethenny came in and stole the show a bit,” De Lesseps said during an interview on Jenny McCarthy’s SiriusXM show. “But guess what, she can’t steal our show. This season is great and I can’t wait for everyone to see the new season.”

Although the cabaret star is now relieved, her first reaction to Frankel who stopped the show was very different.

“I was shocked,” De Lesseps said. “I was, you know, surprised and in a way not surprised, because I think she has a relationship that I don’t think she wants to put on the show.”

The countess referred to Bernon, who had never introduced Frankel to the show.

“She is very nice. She can be really nasty. She is very funny,” De Lesseps added. “Those are the people you get up in the morning because they challenge you. I’ve always loved Bethenny. [She] and I have always had these kinds of relationships up and down, and she is not an easy person to manage. I just feel like I’m missing that part. It is a challenge. I kind of enjoyed it. Listen, I’ll miss her, but at the same time, when you’re with her, it’s like walking on eggs. “

Bethenny Frankel quit ‘RHONY’

It was in August this year that Frankel announced that she was leaving RHONY a few days before the start of production for season 12.

“I have decided to leave the” Housewives “franchise to explore my next chapter,” Frankel said in a statement via Variety. “It’s time to move on and focus on my daughter, my philanthropy and my production partnership with Mark Burnett, producing and playing in shows that represent a change in the conversation for women. With the changes in modern culture, I want to emphasize the power, confidence and unstoppable power of women. “

The real housewives of New York City will return to Bravo in 2020.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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