‘Big Bang Theory’ Star Mayim Bialik Accused of Mocking a Fan’s Painting of Her

Everyone is a critic, eh, Mayim Bialik?

“Big Bang Theory” star Mayim Bialik was called this week after she wanted a portrait of her, painted by a fan.

In an Instagram message published on Tuesday, Bialik shared a photo of the painting, as well as a message from a social media user who said she had painted the image as part of a ’30-day challenge ‘.

“I like a good challenge, so here it goes,” read the message from the user.

“30 paintings in 30 days, 30 minutes each,” continued the post. “Day 1: Mayim Bialik … a personal hero for me, as a mentor for mental health and generally a great person.”

Bialik’s assessment of the image can be characterized as lukewarm.

“I think … a portrait of me needs more than 30 minutes,” wrote Bialik. “Still flattering … I think.”

Bialik went on to ask what ‘with my teeth’ is.

Bialik’s message did not go well with a number of people who expressed their displeasure in the comments section of the message.

It’s great that you showed the artwork of a fan, but I sincerely hope that your comments were just a bad choice for using sarcasm, “said part of the comment partially.” Day one painting, so much praise for you and what you do for mental health, but you chose to shame her for all your followers? That shows no respect for the mental health, nor the mocking remarks of the peanut gallery. Give this person some honor! “

“So disappointed you !!! [sic],” read another comment. “Your comments can not be more discouraging than missmayim.”

“I was very disappointed to read what @missmayim posted, and I read it a few times to make sure that I had no misunderstanding and it still comes up with mocking comments,” wrote another commentator. “I agree, build each other up, find it positive, be nice.”

“Your remarks about painting this artist by yourself is just terrible …”, another comment.

“You have overlooked the part on which she said that you were her personal hero, and,” a great person, “wrote another commentator, adding,” perhaps you do not mock what inspires you. “

A commentator who respects the painting, however, said she was honored.

“Sarah (Sarah Ellen on FB) is the artist here, and I’m honored that Mayim somehow found my FB message yesterday, and I hope she’ll be flattered by my choice for her as my first portrait … although (as my husband also remarked) “she looks a bit like a vampire,” said the comment. “Thanks again, Mayim, for everything you do for the community for mental health.”

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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