Big Brother 23: Claire Rehfuss Wanted To Blow Up Xavier And Alyssa’s Game In Her Eviction Speech

Big Brother 23: Claire Rehfuss Wanted To Blow Up Xavier And Alyssa’s Game In Her Eviction Speech

After initially believing she had another week of security when her best friend in the house, Tiffany Mitchell, won Head of Household, Claire Rehfuss saw her bubble burst when the HOH sidelined her. However, she continued to fight until the last moment when she called out Xavier Prather in his eviction speech. She even considered shutting him down by comparing Alyssa Lopez to BB21 runner-up Holly Allen before deciding against it.

Knowing that The Cookout planned to target Claire Rehfuss, Tiffany Mitchell won the Head of Household competition, hoping to save her “person” for another week.

She targeted the only other option outside of her alliance, Alyssa Lopez, nominating her along with Xavier Prather. However, Alyssa Lopez won the Power of Veto, thwarting Tiffany’s plans as it forced her to turn on her best friend. The HOH warned her ahead of time in an emotional conversation, admitting that she had made a promise that she would not seal the fate of a black guest. Claire Rehfuss continued to fight and campaign aggressively, trying to stay in the house.

However, it became clear that she might not have the votes and she considered exposing the threatening players on her way out.

Big Brother 23: Claire Rehfuss Wanted To Blow Up Xavier And Alyssa’s Game In Her Eviction Speech

The night before the launch, Claire Kyland spoke to Young about securing his voice. She refused to give him a straight answer, leading the housemate to believe he had no chance to stay. Therefore, she spoke to Tiffany about breaking up the strong duo of Xavier and Alyssa Lopez in her eviction speech. Following the lead of jury member Derek Xiao, who compared Sarah Beth Steagall to BB18 winner Nicole Franzel, he wanted to call Alyssa out for playing a similar game to BB21 runner-up Holly Allen. As Holly was a strong physical competitor in the showmance with eventual winner Jackson Michie, many fans perceived her as someone she would carry to the end.

She was intent on pointing out the similarities between the two and the strong men willing to take Alyssa to the finish, hoping others would take aim at them. In addition, he wanted to expose Xavier’s protected place in the house and the likelihood that he would win no matter who he sat next to at the end.

Even though she threw Xavier under the bus in her eviction speech, Claire chose not to include the Holly comparison, to the chagrin of many fans who remarked that they would have liked it.

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