Bill Skarsgård Reveals He Has 11-Month-Old Daughter

Bill Skarsgård Reveals He Has 11-Month-Old Daughter

Bill Skarsgård peels off the mask to reveal the man behind the frightening Pennywise costume.

Since it takes on the role of Pennywise the Clown, it is almost impossible to separate the monster from the actor. Once a viewer sees Pennywise’s frightening smile and hears his creepy voice, it’s pretty hard to view Bill in the same way.

But as everyone knows, Bill Skarsgård is just a normal boy who comes from a famous family of actors. It’s just the makeup that makes it look so creepy!

Fortunately his girlfriend Alida Morberg and their 11-month-old daughter are not afraid of his appearance. It seems that his daughter loves his character. “I have received a lot of nice merchandise over the years, so her little baby room is filled with all these Pennywise teddy bears,” he shared with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show.

And in an interview with Good Morning America, the actor revealed that he would often see his girlfriend and daughter Facetime while in full costume. Of course the little one was only 2 weeks old, so he said, “She didn’t know.” But he will be able to share it with her when she is a little older, because he has made sure that he got a “great screenshot”.

In a previous Instagram post, his girlfriend shared that she was “so scared” of horror movies, but admittedly, it was hard for Bill to prevent her from talking to her in full Pennywise clothing while he was working. “I would sometimes sit in the entire meeting for 14 consecutive hours,” he said.

But his hard work has certainly paid off. It: Chapter 2 is welcomed by critics and fans of the Stephen Kingnovel, with many people asking for a chapter 3. Still no idea if the studio will meet their requirements, especially since the books ended where the films do, but Skarsgård told Entertainment Weekly he is willing to re-take the role if they can “make something interesting out of it.”

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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