Blac Chyna Goes Natural: Removes Fillers and Breast Implants

Blac Chyna Goes Natural: Removes Fillers and Breast Implants

Reality TV star and model Blac Chyna made headlines recently when she revealed that she had undergone a physical transformation. The 34-year-old, who had previously undergone multiple cosmetic procedures, including butt fillers and breast implants, shared with her fans that she was returning to her natural look by having these procedures removed.

Blac Chyna, whose birth name is Angela Renée White, made it clear that she was transforming her life as she posted pictures of herself modeling a chic black-and-rhinestone Versace outfit on a visit to Forbes’ offices. The star’s post had a new feel to it, and she made it clear that she was embracing her natural look as she said, “My name is Angela.”

Blac Chyna, who came up with the name Blac Chyna when she started her career as a stripper, has been a popular figure in the entertainment industry for several years. The ex-fiancée of Rob Kardashian first gained attention as a music video star before making her way onto reality television with her own show, Rob & Chyna.

Blac Chyna’s transformation comes after she urged her followers to refrain from surgical procedures such as facial fillers, as she underwent another procedure to dissolve her own on Monday. In an Instagram post, she shared that she was seeing significant progress from treatments she was getting from Armita Amini PA-C at the Los Angeles-based facility Allure Laser.

Chyna said that she “was so young” when she initially underwent the procedures that she “didn’t even give [her] body time to fully develop” organically. She advised others not to follow in her footsteps, adding, “let this be a lesson, don’t even do it y’all, it’s not even worth it.”

Chyna’s decision to remove her breast implants and fillers is part of her ongoing efforts to lead a healthier lifestyle with better diet, exercise, and nutritional habits. She said that the fillers were beginning to stand out and make her look “crazy,” prompting her to take action.

Chyna’s followers have been supportive of her decision to go natural, with many praising her for being a positive influence and setting an example for others in the entertainment industry.

Chyna’s journey to embracing her natural look has also been inspiring to many people who have undergone similar procedures and are now seeking to reverse the effects of cosmetic surgery. Her story serves as a reminder that beauty comes in many forms and that it’s important to be comfortable in one’s own skin.

Written by Meghan Mentell

TV writer
Canadian journalist

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