Blake Shelton says Gwen Stefani replacing Adam Levine on The Voice helped save Season 17

Blake Shelton became frank about life on “The Voice” without ex-rival Adam Levine, and noted that Gwen Stefani replacing the Maroon 5 singer has helped him cope.

While season 17 boosts production, Shelton is officially the longest running coach in the reality singing competition, which just started alongside Levine in 2011.

The show’s host, Carson Daly, announced Levine’s departure in May at the “Today” show, where he also revealed that Shelton’s girlfriend and former “The Voice” coach would replace Stefani Levine alongside Shelton, Kelly Clarkson and John Legend .

“I was glad I was there, selfish to me, and I think it more or less saved the show while Adam left,” Shelton said during a press conference in Nashville on Wednesday (via People). “Because there is no way around it: it’s a shame not to have Adam there. I mean, he’s just an important part of that show.”

Shelton was joking that Levine, with whom he had a playful rivalry in the show, was his favorite person to “kick in.”

Stefani was the last on the show in 2014, which Shelton said she had helped her and the show transition without Levine in season 17.

“She is familiar with it and understands it,” he said, “and that made me feel better because that show is a complicated thing. If you are a coach there … and at the same time you are supposed to entertain the audience at home, it is a little juggling. “

Shelton previously discussed the situation with Levine and Stefani in the show and admitted that he could not imagine working without Levine on ‘The Voice’.

“Frankly, I can’t imagine what the show would look like in the beginning without Adam,” Shelton shared with ET Online. “I mean, we’re about to film the 17th season of the show, and Adam is my frenemy from day one, you know, down there at the end.”

He continued: “I think we all knew on the inside of the show that he was ready to take a step. For someone like Adam, who is just – he is the most ADD person I think I have met – that he has done it for so long without moving on to the next, is amazing.

“But I know he is happy with his decision. Doesn’t mean that I or one of us is [happy], but at least they were able to ease the blow a little and bring Gwen [Stefani] back.”


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