Body Language Expert On Trump-Melania Relationship: The Need To Have Her By His Side Is Very Strong

Although the first pair of the United States comes with a seemingly infinite set of responsibilities, the position also places their relationship under heavy control. While every sign of endearment receives a stream of ‘aww’s’, every missed touch, smile, kiss and hug is strictly examined and discussed extensively and often seen as signs of a tense marriage.

When President Donald Trump took office, the relationship between him and First Lady Melania contrasted considerably with that of the Obamas, who continue to determine new levels of #relationshipgoals. To better understand what Trump’s marriage looks like, INSIDER spoke with body language expert Patti Wood who analyzed the state of their relationship based on four pictures of the couple.

Body Language Expert On Trump-Melania Relationship: The Need To Have Her By His Side Is Very Strong

The photo above was taken during the Donald Trump campaign path in 2016 when the couple appeared on the Today Show. Wood indicates that the Trumps really enjoy this picture. “He laughs very spontaneously, it is a very real smile that goes all the way through his body and lifts his shoulders, lifts his body, lifts his cheeks and he peers. He’s in it, he’s not offended,” Wood said. As to why the then presidential candidate would be offended, this photo captures the moment just after Melania made a joke about her husband who had to get rid of Twitter.

“It looks like they are happy and laughing together, but she just fooled him. She leans away from him, that makes him more like a joke … It’s not a joke between the two of them .. “It doesn’t draw them any closer,” the body language expert explained. She also clarifies that Melania seemed much more relaxed at the moment than she was since he took office. “She touches him voluntarily,” Wood explained, adding that this is a contrast from this time when “she rests in touch, she sometimes adjusts his touch, and sometimes she crawls from his touch, but here she reaches out to him to touch him. “

Examining a moment from the annual White Eggs Easter egg roll, Wood claims that the photo represents the “iconic Melania, the wife of the president.” Wood explained the couple’s position as such: “He reaches out but reaches up and down. He often pushes her hand down when they hold hands and lifts the tips of her fingers to meet his … I don’t know what the context is, but neither is happy. “According to Wood, Melania’s attitude betrays her obvious discontent. With her shoulders almost slumped and her arms stiff and close to her sides, the expert says that the 49-year-old has “a dangerous reaction.”

Wood explained that a person who shows this answer freezes and brings his limbs closer to his body, essentially shrinking him. She added that this pose has become so associated with the First Lady that she has called it “The Melania.” She further clarifies that this was not always the case with the former fashion model and that the change came after Melania entered the White House. “This has changed, her relationship with him has changed, so she feels the need to be formally wary … There is so much tension around her mouth.” Spread [these] photos with the photos of her at the start of their relationship, she always laughed, “Wood said.

Body Language Expert On Trump-Melania Relationship: The Need To Have Her By His Side Is Very Strong

The photo above shows a rare moment of PDA van de Trumps during a recent event at the White House. Although most people notice the seemingly loving kiss that the couple shares in this image, Wood says that her eyes went straight to the president’s hold on his wife’s arm. “It’s a grip, you can see the stripes on her arm … He often grips her to bring her closer. There is a clear difference between that grip, the tension, the placement, the dash on someone’s arm, and a hold [or] embrace, to enjoy someone close to you, “she said. Wood added that Melania’s body language is a clear way to tell how uncomfortable she is.

“If you look at her body, she does not move towards him naturally, only her neck and head are forward, the rest is stopped, there is no rounding off of her body, her shoulders, her arms, her belly, she is not going round to him, “she explained. In addition to advancing his head and neck, President Trump does not seem to be leaning either. According to Wood, his grip on her arm is the only thing that distinguishes this moment from a person he could have with his daughter or a foreign dignity.

Body Language Expert On Trump-Melania Relationship: The Need To Have Her By His Side Is Very Strong

The last photo analyzed by the body language expert is from the spouses who hold hands. Speaking of the image, Wood said: “He likes to hold each other’s hands, sometimes he steps in front of her and pulls … We often see them in the hands, that need to connect with her, the need to touch her having his side is very strong. “However, she adds that the pair is not synchronized. “Typically, when you see a hand in the hand, one or both of them laugh, cheerful, lifted, looking in the same direction as their partner, but often when they hold each other’s hands, she is one step behind,” Wood explained.

Moreover, their facial expressions are a clear indication of the relationship they share. “The facial expressions on their face are pressed lips, remembering their true feelings, pressed down and [and] down in the corner of their mouths,” said Wood, emphasizing the difference between how the Trumps held hands and your fingers interlocked at holding hands. “Interlacing usually means more affection and intimacy, and being intertwined,” she said. She added that this is not a one-off with the Trumps. “It’s not like:” Oh my god, we have one negative photo of those who hold each other’s hands. “It’s very indicative of their normal condition,” Wood concluded.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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