Boxer Kubrat Pulev forces a kiss on reporter in post-fight interview and Twitter is furious

Heavyweight boxer Kubrat Pulev is beaten on Twitter after a video emerged in which he “forces” a kiss on a female reporter in an interview after a fight. The interview took place behind the scenes after his victory over Bogdan Dinu, a fight in which the Bulgarian boxer left with a bleeding cut above his left eye.

The interview started as a standard post-fight chat in which Pulev – who is especially remembered for his 2014 defeat by Wladimir Klitschko – was asked to discuss the fight he had just won.

Jenny SuShe of Vegas Sports Daily, the reporter on the other side of the unexpected lip bolt, started the interview by asking the 37-year-old: “Okay, that was one of the most cruel, bloody fights I’ve seen. How could you stay so calm? [Sic] ”

Pulev responded by telling SuShe that he was well prepared and used “good tactics.”

Referring to the injury, the boxer had endured during the match, the reporter then asked, “With that cut, when do you think you’ll be back in the ring?”

Whereupon Pulev assured the interviewer that it was “no problem”.

It was when SuShe asked her last question that things were starting to get weird.

“If Tyson Fury is going through Tom Schwarz, do you think you should have a chance?” she asked.

In response, Pulev says the word “yes” very abruptly before suddenly grabbing SuShe and planting a powerful kiss on her lips.

SuShe later tweeted that she found the moment “[a little] embarrassing” and strange.

Although SuShe’s reaction to the incident was fairly tame, many people were furious and took Twitter to condemn the athlete.

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