Britney Spears Could Gain Control Of $200M Estate Amid Dad’s Health Crisis, Legal Expert Claims

The singer is expected to remain in mental health treatment for 30 days…

Britney Spears opens in New Window ‘father has been the curator of her $ 200 million estate for over 10 years, but now that Jamie Opens in New Window is suffering from a serious health crisis – and the superstar is in a psychiatric institution new window – who will take over her empire?

In an exclusive interview with, Beverly Hills lawyer Jeffrey W. Steinberger claimed that Jamie, 66, could appoint a new curator if he is “incapacitated for work.”

“If Britney is in good shape with her sister [Jamie Lynn opens in new window, 28], she could handle it, or another family member,” Steinberger told Radar. “It would be Jamie’s decision.”

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Jamie could also appoint a lawyer to take over the case, the lawyer said.

As Radar reported earlier, Jamie’s former co-curator Andrew Wallet resigned from his role in Opens in New Window in March, making the father-ager the only head of her estate.

If Jamie gets worse and can no longer make “cognitive decisions” – or tragically dies – while Britney is pending, the court would take over and appoint a manager, Steinberger claimed.

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When she no longer has treatment and feels better, Britney, 37, can even file a petition with the court to regain control of her estate.

“The court can send her to the right therapist to find out if she is competent to handle her money,” Steinberger explained.

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“It’s up to the court. She’s an adult and has the right to her money.”

As Radar indicated earlier, Britney was so distraught about her father’s poor health that she checked a “wellness” facility to work on her mental health.

She canceled her stay in Las Vegas in November after Jamie’s colon was torn into a new window. He has undergone at least two operations since his medical crisis.

According to one source, he is not getting better.

“He has many health complications arising from his first ruptured colon,” the insider said.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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