Cameran Eubanks Gets Wasted & Craig Conover Yells At Austen Kroll On Tonight’s Southern Charm Episode

About Tonight’s Southern Charm episode, Chelsea Meissner Austen Kroll gives solid advice. She tells him: “I think you should surround yourself with people who don’t drag you to bars.” True, but that would not lead to a fantastic reality TV show. Austen shows up for the fans, right? He is such a noble guest.

Usually it is Cameran Eubanks who gives these little talks about becoming more responsible. However, she has a thirty-fifth birthday to celebrate. This means that the normally reserved Cameran will go all the way up. And get completely wasted. Yes. And last but not least. Something interesting. Hopefully her drunken chatter does not mention the plight of real estate in Charleston. Nobody wants to hear that, especially in every single episode.

Even at her own birthday party, Austen is the main attraction, just as he has been all season. But at least they haven’t shown the three videos anymore, have they?

At Cam’s party, Craig Conover shouts to Austen: “You left the bar because your ex-girlfriend told you to go.” I have no reason to “love” Madison LeCroy, but why do Craig and Shep Rose hate her so much? What do we miss from this storyline? It just isn’t quite right.

Craig also tells Austen: “You lose my damn spirit!” Is that he? He is not the one who has bowed out of someone else’s relationship.

In lighter news, Shep gets a new puppy, which he calls Little Craig. Will Craig be offended by this? Or honored by the moniker?

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Written by Tommy Kilmer

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