Camille Grammer Thinks Lisa Rinna Wants Her To Be Angry At Lisa Vanderpump

Camille Grammer has a dramatic season behind the scenes of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She married David C. Meyer in Hawaii. Even though Camille personally asked Lisa Vanderpump to come to her wedding, Lisa refused because of all the “puppy-gate” fall-out with her former friends co-stars.

Then Camille lost her home in the California fires. Camille was about to hold her feet in front of a different kind of fire when the ladies of Beverly Hills confronted Camille with her flashy feelings about LVP.

Lisa Rinna collected the article in the People magazine in which Camille talked about her great friendship with LVP, just after she had complained to the ladies in Hawaii about LVP not attending her wedding. That left Camille’s co-stars with the impression that Camille talks behind people and has two faces. Camille? Never! Well, make that sometimes.

Camille spoke about the drama about LVP and her marriage during a performance at the Real Housewives or Beverly Hills After Show. “May I say how pissed I was about that? The first half of that People magazine article they were reading happened before I even left for Hawaii. It happened before my wedding. It happened before … I … you know, Lisa showed up or didn’t show up, “Camille said.

She continued: “I can be disappointed that Lisa is not showing up for my wedding and is not angry with her. You know, yes … I miss her. It would have been nice for her to come. Yes, I am disappointed, but I understand because she has lost her brother and she is experiencing a lot. “

Camille Grammer
Camille Grammer

Camille added that she can feel both feelings at the same time. “Even if Lisa … I said something nice about Lisa, so what? And then? And what?” Camille exclaimed.

Camille said: “Have a heart, girls. Support me and my marriage and my marriage. They should be happy that I just got married after the terrible experience I had with my divorce. That was … I went through a terrible divorce and I went through cancer. And … I didn’t choose to be a victim. It happened. “

Camille also talked about a conversation she had with Rinna in Hawaii about LVP that would not come to the wedding. In a video clip of an RHOBH episode with Rinna about the wedding. She commented: “It’s about celebration. It’s about love. And I always have the feeling that no matter what is going on, you turn up. You are celebrating someone’s marriage that you have been friends with for a long time. No problem with you right now, so why isn’t she here? “Camille replied,” I agree. “Rinna is a true potter champion.

“I think the girls wanted me to be angry,” Camille theorized. “Lisa Rinna was … wanted me … you could see her … she wanted me to follow her … as if she were leading me to this emotion she felt.” She wanted me to jump on that, but I wasn’t. I went halfway there because that wasn’t how I felt, “Camille said.” You know, I felt for Lisa, like I said, I had a lot of empathy for what she was experiencing. I understood it.”

So, does Camille admit to flopping about LVP? Camille has admitted that she also understands why Beverly Hills housewives are angry with LVP. “You know, they are frustrated with her. I understand they were frustrated. And maybe that doesn’t work out.”

Camille certainly deserves to keep a diamond as a full-time RHOBH next year. But first we have to see how Camille is doing during the reunion. With LVP fleeing the franchise and skipping the reunion, Camille becomes the target of everyone.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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