Camille Kostek Flaunts Insane Body In Sparkling ‘Fan Art’ Bikini Shots

Camille Kostek always knows how to make a dazzling appearance. The blonde bombshell has a natural glow around her that immediately catches the eye, confusing the viewer. But the model girlfriend of former NFL star Rob Gronkowski looked more sparkling than ever in a colorful collection of photos posted on Instagram on Saturday morning.

Given her fascinating beauty and undeniable charisma, Camille Kostek has captured the hearts of many people who follow her career closely and follow her on social media. The beautiful Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Issue model has more than 545,000 followers on Instagram alongside nearly 40,000 Twitter fans – and sometimes its dedicated admirers go the extra mile to show their worship and support.

That was recently the case when Camille Kostek received a hymn from three Instagram users, who felt inspired by their favorite model and gave their own creative spin to some of her older bikini photos, turning them into glittering artworks by fans. Sincerely flattered by the beautiful gesture, Camille went to her Instagram page earlier today to show off the sizzling snaps – and to shout out to the artists, expressing her sincere thanks for being chosen as their muse.

“I am now a fan of YOU,” Camille Kostek wrote excitedly in the caption of her post, because the model was excited to demonstrate “fan art” and honor the artists.

As her followers on social media could see in her latest update on Instagram, Camille Kostek was fully entitled to grumble about her fan art photos. The incredible snaps seemed like nothing but bedazzling, turning the sultry photo shoots of the model into whimsical artworks.

In the first photo of the couple, Camille Kostek was seen showing off her breathtaking curves in the background of a stunning sky. Dressed in a tight bikini, the model was surrounded by an aura of golden glitter as majestic monarch butterflies swarmed around her and flew over caramel-colored clouds.

The imaginative snapshot – an artistic interpretation of a desert bike shoot shared earlier this month by photographer Megan Batson – was published by Madeline Williams, who runs the Instagram account known as Your Custom Edit. In addition to adding her personal touch to the background of the photo, the artist also became creative with the Camille Kostek outfit, changing the original two-part model of the model into a brown bikini, one of which was decorated with the Fendi logo .

When she saw her work appear so proudly on Camille’s Instagram platform, Madeline immediately grabbed her hand at the model and thanked her for the attention in the comments.

“This is unreal! Thank you for being so amazing! I can’t understand this or you,” the artist posted from her personal Instagram account, leaving her message behind with a series of flattering emoji.

A second photo of the fan art, shared today by Camille Kostek, showed the model posing in a denim jumpsuit in the background of a digitally crafted starry sky. The shiny snapshot, made by Instagram user Edit Files, contained both space theme elements, in the form of a flying saucer above Camille, and flowers – particularly two lush white orchids that bloomed in the foreground of the photo.

The original photo that served as inspiration for this specific piece of art from the fans was also captured by photographer Megan Batson and shared by Camille Kostek on Instagram in early April.

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Although the authentic snap certainly embodied photography at its best, the edited version brought a striking dynamic to the mix.

The same artist also edited another photo by Camille Kostek, who portrayed the model in a dazzling silver bikini – and added two red gerbera daisies for chromatic contrast.

The red flowers may not have been chosen randomly. In the original photo, posted by Camille on Instagram in May 2018, the model put on a cherry red two-piece. As she posed in her bedroom for the beautiful sun-drenched snap, Camille Kostek pulled on her bikini bottom and smiled shyly at the camera.

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Just like Madeline, the artist also wrote a loving message to Camille Kostek for the presentation of her work.

“Omg thank you Angel! You made me happiest [emoji with eyes of the heart] I love you so much !!” she wrote and finished her message with a heart emoji.

“I always like to see your tags! I love how you make my photos shine,” Camille Kostek answered gracefully to the comment and followed her message with a series of sparkling emojis.

The last photo in the couple was a piece of fan art edited by Georgia Lawton, the artist behind the Glawdesign profile on Instagram. The snapshot showed that Camille Kostek stood out with her crazy body in a spicy cut-out bikini that sparkled with a silver glow.

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Fans of the famous Sports Illustrated swimsuit model are probably well acquainted with the original photo that led to this sparkling piece of fan art. In the snapshot, shared by Camille at the beginning of March, the 27-year-old stunner placed all her assets in a bold two-part chartreuse copy.

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Written by Tommy Kilmer

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