Carrie Underwood Sucks Helium Out Of Balloon And Sings “Happy Birthday” To Her Son

Carrie Underwood no longer has to sing for someone. Those days of her life are over. While she still knows that she is on the house from time to time, she has been more focused on motherhood. The country music superstar is settled with former NHL star Mike Fisher and the two spend a lot of time with their little boy. When his birthday turned around, Carrie had a great idea.

Of course the readers are probably hoping to see an exciting performance of the Happy Birthday Song. Perhaps she provided the little boy with a rendition of a soulful balladeer? Or maybe she broke the piano for something more upscale? If you see the idea that Carrie landed on, you can not stop laughing. This performance is not of the world.

She is not going to win Grammy for this, but we still enjoy this achievement. Her son Isaiah loves the Muppets and they have chosen a Muppet theme for his big day. He even enjoyed a cake that was designed to resemble Kermit The Frog. When it was time to sing the song that everyone was waiting for, Carrie came up with a brilliant idea.

She picked up a nearby helium balloon and prepared for the performance of their lives. Carrie sucked in the helium and began to sing. It was immediately clear that this would not be the usual birthday. Fortunately for us now we get the chance to witness this improvised performance. Mike absolutely enjoys himself and we can not blame him.

He is told he laughs in front of the camera. Isaiah was completely nailed to the ground. How was Mommy creating that voice? It did not sound at all like how his mother usually sounds. The only thing he knew was that she loved him very much and that she wanted him the best possible day. As soon as his mother finished singing, he also went looking for the balloons.

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Happy birthday Isaiah😂!!

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Written by Tommy Kilmer

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