Cast Revealed for Upcoming Season of ‘Life After Lockup’

Cast Revealed for Upcoming Season of 'Life After Lockup'

Life After Lockup will premiere soon and the cast list has been announced. Of course, there will be some familiar faces and some that fans are probably over.

Finally, some new actors from the latest season of Love After Lockup are jumping on board, so who’s in the cast and when will the series premiere?

Cast Revealed for Upcoming Season of ‘Life After Lockup’

Love After Lockup is a reality TV show that follows couples who have formed relationships while one partner was in prison. The show has recently aired its current season, and some of the couples from the show have moved on to Life After Lockup.

According to People, Monique and Derek are one such couple. Despite Monique’s initial mistrust of Derek and his infidelity, they have managed to stay together and continue their relationship from a distance. However, they still have issues with Derek’s family.

Another couple from the current season is Justine and Michael, but Justine is struggling with their relationship and is considering ending it. This is despite the fact that they have been wearing matching outfits on repeat.

Following Justine and Michael are Nathan and Skylar. Their relationship is a bit combative, but they seem determined to make it work. Aris and Cameron were confirmed for the series a few weeks ago when a screenshot of their wedding was leaked. Now, in the latest episode of Love After Lockup, they officially tied the knot.

Sara and Shawn, who got married last season and had a baby girl, are returning with a major twist in their relationship. Things have taken a turn for the worse and Sara sets his belongings on fire due to secrets surrounding their exes. This causes major drama and viewers can expect to see how the couple navigates through these challenges.

Chance and Tayler, who learned they were expecting a baby boy at the end of last season, are also returning. Tayler is still reluctant to get married and Chance claims to be single. However, he has a secret that could be detrimental to their relationship. Viewers can expect to see how the couple deals with these issues and if they can overcome them.

Lastly, Puppy and Amber are back again after a rough last season that included two traumatic pregnancy losses. The best friends will be sharing their journey and viewers can expect to see if things have improved for them.

Overall, this season of “Life After Lockup” promises to be filled with drama, secrets, and challenges as the individuals navigate their relationships and new lives outside of prison.

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