Celebrity Realtor Kurt Rappaport’s Wife Says Dispute Over Having Kids Triggered Divorce

Kurt Rappaport, the mega-broker who claims that his estranged wife extorts millions and threatens to ruin his life if he doesn’t pay … allegedly got into a heated discussion about having children, and that’s what ended the marriage. .. this according to estranged wife Sarah Mutch.

Mutch filed legal documents, obtained by TMZ, who claimed that they were eating with friends last February, 16 months after their marriage, and the subject of having children emerged. According to the former Guess model, one of the people at the table said that Kurt did not seem interested in having children.

She says she thought they would have children and realized that he wasn’t going to. They had a heated discussion on the way home. She says that when they got home, he started yelling at her and said the only thing she cared about was money and that she was a “greedy monster.” She says she then told him she wanted a divorce.

She claims that there was a pattern of verbal abuse over a period of years, and claimed that he tried to slam through doors when she would lock himself up for his outbursts.

As we reported, Rappaport claims that she threatened to ruin his life with false accusations if he didn’t cough up millions. He filed a police report and claimed that she was trying to extort him with lies.

She says in the new documents that she never threatened to ruin his career and was never physically violent with him … something he claimed in his extortion case.

As far as the money conflict is concerned, she says that she gave up her modeling career at his request, so that she could be available for business events and travel, and to take care of his 3 children.

She says she has no money … and claims that he gave her $ 50,000 when they broke up, but she only had access to $ 41,000. She says that because she had no marital support, as required by the prenup, she had to use that money for the cost of living.

She wants him to pay for a lawyer so she can decide if she should contest the prenup, which gives her $ 45,000 a month for half the duration of the marriage … and the marriage lasted only 16 months.

She wants the judge to grant her temporary marital support.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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