Check out the Lt. Dan Band, Gary Sinise’s band that performs for troops

Gary Sinise has advocated for forty years the army of our nation. Almost 176,000 meals have been served through the Gary Sinise Foundation, nearly 60 specially adapted smart homes have been gifted for disabled veterans, including many more incredible achievements.

Referring to his role in the 1994 film Forrest Gump, Gary’s own band that plays for our nation’s troops becomes iconic the Lt. Then called Band. Gary and the entire band perform during military support concerts and a number of them are coming up this year!

View the list below of the band’s military support concerts coming in 2019:

Ft Huachuca
Davis Monthan AFB
Camp Pendleton
Naval Medical Center San Diego
Nellis AFB
Luke AFB
Naval Station Jacksonville
Naval Station Pensacola
USO Little Creek
Naval Base Ventura
Tyndall AFB
Westgate Military Weekend
Fort Belvoir
DAV Convention (Orlando, FL)
AUSA 2019 (Washington, D.C.)
MOH Convention (Tampa, FL)
Snowball Express 2019 (Orlando, FL)

For more information about these versions, visit the official Lt. Then Band website, where performance data is regularly updated as they come closer!

The Lt. Dan Band includes Gary Sinise on electric bass, Jeff Vezain, Ernie Denov, Ben Lewis, Molly Callinan, Danny Gottlieb, Kirk Garrison, Beth Gottlieb, Mitch Paliga, Julie Dutchak, Dan Myers, Mari Anne Jayme and Tom Malone. The band consists of many different vocalists, trumpet players, drummers, guitar players and more.

James Stuckmann, Art Beresheim, Tristan Beache and Scott Steiner also form the crew behind the scenes that makes all magic possible for the band’s performances.

On the official website, Gary has placed his own letter to the public on behalf of the Lt. Then Band and how much these experiences mean to him.

“I personally made it my mission to do what I can to draw attention to our military and first-responder communities, and to make sure they know they are being remembered and appreciated,” says Gary in his letter: “Whether it’s playing with the band, supporting a military charity or visiting the war zones and hospitals to shake hands and take some pictures, everything helps them to know that there are people who are aware of their sacrifices and who appreciate it and the importance of keeping our military families strong in difficult times. “

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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