Cher Says She Would Love To See Trump “Sexually Assaulted” In Prison In Disturbing Tirade

Cher has never been someone who has chopped her words when it comes to expressing her aversion to President Donald Trump. Her Twitter tirade against the 72-year-old on Wednesday may have gone a bit too far. After Robert Mueller endorsed the latest Special Counsel statements on his Russian research report, the singer of Train Of Thought went to the microblogging platform to launch an all-out attack on the president. In a series of tweets, Cher accused Trump of being a “crook and traitor” who would “do anything to win” and stated that he and his family would be imprisoned for alleged crimes. However, it was a tweet that has since been removed and has caught everyone’s attention.

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In a rare public statement on May 29, Mueller announced that since the US Department of Justice guidelines did not allow him to tackle a current president, his office could not determine whether Trump had impeded justice. But according to a CNN report, he added: “If we had had the confidence that the President had clearly not committed a crime, we would have said so. However, we have not determined whether the President was guilty of a crime. crime.”

His testimony seems to have pushed Cher up so much that she said in a now deleted tweet that she would like to see Donald Trump imprisoned in jail and make a “Toy Boy or Big Bubba”. According to Daily Mail, the singer’s shocking tweet read: “I have given IMPEACHMENT MANY thoughts throughout the day, & I would * love * 2 see trump accused, 2 trial charged, * locked * in * prison * & toy boy Great Bubba! My pleasure at seeing the trump running out of the city on a track is probably * heart * over * the brain * I WANT WHAT IS BEST 4 DEMOCRATS AND DEMOCRACY.

However, hours after posting the scandalous tweet, the 73-year-old seems to have realized its implications and removed them. She followed it up with another explanatory tweet and emphasized that it was not an apology, but rather a “Cher” wtf Moment. “Stressing that she still wanted Trump in prison, the singer wrote: This is Not Apology, It’s a Cher” wtf Moment. “I usually don’t remove my Twts, but sometimes I need 2. What I thought as Stupid Joke “On Paper”, Went 2 Far. Think trump belongs in jail, but Big Bubba Joke was wrong. If I have Twt, I have a responsibility. THERES IS A LINE NOT 2 cross.

Robert Mueller’s latest statement about the Russian Probe report was not the only thing that upset the I Got You Babe singer on Wednesday. After reports about the White House that during his recent visit to Japan, the US Navy had named a warship after the late Senator John McCain from the perspective of President Trump, Cher tweeted that Trump has “hero cutting.”

OK, JUST WHEN YOU THINK THAT Trump CANT SINK WANTS EVERY LOWER Trump “USS JOHN McCAIN” IN HIS FACE DURING HE WAS IN JAPAN … HE WAS THAT MUCH THAT TARP WAS ABOUT THE WAR NAME WAR. I DO NOT SHARE JSM POLITICS, BUT I HAD “RESPECT” FOR HIM. HE WAS HERO. Trump HAS “HERO” ENVY, Cher tweeted. The strong tweets of the singer came days after she had done a dig with Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr. in the same spirit.

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As previously reported, earlier this month, Cher beat the Trump siblings after reports surfaced about Ivanka’s brand allegedly obtaining trademarks for voting machines in China. Sharing an article by fussing about the same, Cher Tweeted: FIRST FAMILY WHO COMMERCIES COMMERCIENT 2 STAYS 2 OR STAYS FROM GOSSEIC PRISON 2. DELUSIONAL AMERICANS PLS SEE, DICTATORSHIP IS COMING. A day later she founded Don Jr. and wrote, NOT ONE OF THEM WORTH A DAMN. Despite her latest self-proclaimed ‘Cher wtf Moment’, it seems unlikely that the singer has finished slamming the Trump administration and anyone close by. It wouldn’t surprise us if she launched a new tirade against Trump in two or two days. Given the President’s preference to stir up controversy, we doubt that Cher will withdraw.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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