Chip Gaines Shares The Real Reason ‘Fixer Upper’ Ended

When Chip and Joanna Gaines announced that their popular HGTV show, Fixer Upper, would end, the fans were shocked. After all, the show was so successful and it helped the Gaines family to become a household name. Shortly thereafter, they announced that Joanna was pregnant with baby number five. But that is not the complete reason for the end of the show.

Chip now tells fans why the show really had to end. It turned out that they were not looking for fame or were on television. They seem pretty down-to-earth and not like many reality TV stars nowadays. This is why fans love them so much!

Why Did They Decide To Leave HGTV?

Chip and Joanna are rockstars in the renovation and design world of home and going to TV was never really in the plan. Chip said they were in shock to be asked to come on TV and he has now opened up to the television program that is both a blessing and a curse for their families.

Chip and Joanna both said they are very grateful to HGTV and their experience was once in a lifetime. Their decision to leave the network made fans suspicious, but the couple says there is no scandal or problem between their family and HGTV.

Chip said that he likes things that are natural and is a very authentic person. So when watching TV became more about acting and certain things were needed, Chip felt trapped. They struggled with always having to say something funny or clever in front of the camera. It certainly makes sense that filming can be tiring day after day. The show started in 2013 and they sent 79 episodes over the years.

What’s Next For The Gaines Family?

Fortunately we can see the family again on television one day. Recently, during an interview, Chip let it slip away that they are busy forming their own television network with the help of the Discovery Network. This is an addition to their books, stores, products, magazines and more. We don’t think fans will see the last of the Gaines family soon.

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