Chris Christie Just Revealed the (Flawed) Thinking Behind Donald Trump’s Long-Ass Ties

Life is full of secrets. What does that mean? What happens when we die? Why does Donald Trump, the President of the United States and (supposedly) a grown man, not understand how to tie a tie properly? Some of these questions remain unanswered. But thanks to Chris Christie and his new book, the reasons for DJT’s neckwear are now open.

The good people of The Guardian, who are deeply burying the leash, find that Christie explains the thought process behind the oversized tie in the upcoming memoir Let Me Finish. In the paper, “Trump returned to scale around the 2016 presidential campaign and told Christie to wear a longer tie because it would make him look thinner.”

Well, there you have it. Donnie thinks a long tie is instantly thinner. He may have projected this advice onto Christie, but it’s pretty clear that the man – orange and haired and obsessed with image – personally takes it to heart. It works? Well … no. But at least we now have a better overview of his wardrobe.

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