Chrissy Teigen shared a picture of herself as a kid and she looks exactly like Selena Gomez

It is fair to say that for a good reason Chrissy Teigen is known as the Queen of Instagram – she always looks the best. Indeed, the world-famous model never has as much as a stray eyelash or hair that is misplaced, and has become an inspirational figure for her many millions of followers of social media due to her stunningly beautiful appearance. But was she always like that? Many people have wondered how Chrissy looked like a child. Was she a smudged child? Did she have scruffy knees and a bad attitude? Did she need braces? Or was she always so graceful and cute?

Luckily, this week Chrissy decided to show a delightful retrospective photo of herself as a child, standing outside in the sun and having a big grin on her face. The main thing that mesmerized most Chrissy fans, however, was the fact that their younger self had a weird resemblance to Selena Gomez, and if you look closely at the picture, you can easily see that they look damned alike.

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Fans were quick to flush Chrissy about the strange resemblance to social media. For example, an Instagram follower of her wrote: “I wondered why you posted a childhood photo of Selena.”

Someone else added: “I thought that Selena Gomez at first sight was LOL [sic].”

Meanwhile, a third party stated: “It took me five looks to realize that this was Chrissy and not Selena Gomez.”

To be honest, Selena Gomez took a pretty big break from Instagram last year, so it’s only natural that her fans would see her elsewhere. Recently the singer ended with her hiatus on Instagram and placed a selfie with the caption: “It’s been a while since you’ve heard of me, but I wished everyone a happy new year and thank you for your love and support Last year certainly a year of self-reflection, challenges and growth It’s always those challenges that show who you are and what you can overcome Trust me, it’s not easy, but I’m proud of the person I am and look forward to the coming year, I love you all. “

Chrissy is not the only celebrity that shares the throwback photos this week. Ariana Grande was kind enough to share a cute picture of herself as a little girl on Twitter. Suffice it to say that her fans of social media were fond of the photo of the toddler version of Ariana; although you have to gaze to make sure she is, because she looks completely different without her characteristic ponytail.

However, it is undeniable that she was a very cute toddler. Ariana subtitled the picture: “If I am honest ….. this is still exactly how I look without eyelashes and my pony ….. everyone who knows me knows that I know ….. like .. I am twenty-five, I was here five, the only difference now is that that hand now says bbq-grill finger. “

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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