Company Will Pay You $97,000 A Year To Visit Private Islands & Test Jets & Yachts Luxury Cars

Have you thought about making a change in your career? Perhaps you can consider the luxury store marketplace, known as Hush-Hush. It is where the rich and famous store for the most prestigious items available in the world. They are now looking for someone who will test superyachts, expensive cars and private islands for a year. You even get a substantial salary to do it.

A lucky person gets $ 97,000 a year to spend his day tasting the luxury products offered by Hush-Hush and traveling to their exotic destinations.

The job description describes some of the more expensive items that include a $ 71 million jewel watch, a $ 80 million French castle, and a $ 61 million super yacht. Imagine that you are floating in one of these.

The main reason why they will do this is to test the products for “style, comfort, performance and suitability for the site” and to provide a written report on each item.

Not everyone should apply. They are looking for someone who “can show a passion for travel, art and fashion, has a keen eye for detail and an appreciation for the ‘finer things in life’.”

Whoever commits this dream job does not have the time to get bored. In fact, they will work with many different products that include art, fashion, jewelry, airplanes, cars, furniture and much more.

Here is, for example, a picture of Hush-Hush from a private jet.

Because the company works with unique customers, they are looking for someone who can learn and work within their parameters.

The world trip is also something to consider. Imagine that you live in luxury and explore the world through the eyes of an A-lister. If you are lucky enough to land this performance, you will travel to some of the best places in the world.

So what are you waiting for? Go to Hush Hush and apply. You never know, your dream may come true.

Written by Tommy Kilmer


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  1. I’m very interested in this and I like to sign up I have good taste my name is Everett and I’m in older gentleman I been around the block so I kind of know what classes. Is

  2. I am very interested in what you are promoting. I’m an older individual with many years of experience rebuilding yachts, restoring antiques and renovating executive mansions. I to have been around the block, actually the world, many times and have developed a keen eye towards perfection, functionality and value. I look forward for a response from you.

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