Corey & Evelin 90 Day Fiancé : Are They Still Together?

Corey Rathgeber and Evelin Villegas, stars of the hit reality series 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, met when Corey backpacking through Peru. Corey decided during his trip to stop in a small fishing village in Ecuador, where he met Evelin. The couple dated four years before Corey decided to move to her country to be with her.

It is currently unclear whether the pair is still together, but fans of the show are not so sure that their relationship has survived the transition from Corey to Engabao in Ecuador. Corey not only struggled to adapt to his new lifestyle in an Engabao, which he considers “living in the third world”, they have already had quite a few unhealthy interactions on the show.

Evelin is a no-show at the airport about the delivery of 90 Day Fiancé tonight when Corey arrives in Ecuador. When he finally contacts Evelin, she tells him to take a bus to her place of birth. “You are a big man and you can come all the way here,” she says on the phone. The reality star eventually has to take a bus from the airport to his new home, which does not fit well with Corey.

In addition to the unfortunate start of his new life in Ecuador, when Corey arrives in Engabao, he is immediately put off by his living arrangements with Evelin’s grandmother, who lives in a house with an open roof and very little electricity or privacy. It is clear that Corey is not adapting to his new life in South America and Evelin is visibly irritated by his attitude, as can be seen in the promo below.

“Engabao is littered with pigs,” is his first impression of the city he is about to call home. “It’s very frightening, it’s a third world.” He adds: “I loved Evelin from the moment I met her and to show her that I have devoted 100 percent to her, I started helping financially in Ecuador.”

The pair is a bit different when it comes to the usual 90-day fiance. Corey had previously announced that he spent more than $ 40,000 on his distant girlfriend and her family before moving to her country, so many fans wonder if they have used him for the money they have been dating in recent years goods.

“So far I have given Evelin $ 30,000 to invest in property for us, $ 6,000 for her car, and $ 2,000 to invest in a cocktail bar,” he said before leaving for Engabao. “In total I gave Evelin $ 40,000.” They are all in her name, not his, according to Newsweek.

The cocktail bar, called Cocteles del Paraiso, is still up and running, according to the Instagram page of the bar. There are pictures of Corey and Evelin running the bar together, so he seems to be invested in his life in Ecuador and they clearly have no problems working together regularly.

Since Corey has not posted new photos of Evelin since December 2018 and because Evelin’s social media pages are private, it is currently unclear whether the two are still together. Evelin also said she was only “hoping” the relationship would work out before moving to Ecuador, so it didn’t give fans the feeling that she was really invested in the relationship, just as she spent the money he spent on her, so loved it.

“It’s very scary, especially when she seems to be shining on the fence about things. It’s really not cool,” Corey revealed during a recent episode. “I think a lot of people would end up with Evelin if they were put in my situation, but I love her.”

The trailer for the season of The Other Way shows that Corey and Evelin encounter some pretty intense problems during the rest of the season, to put it mildly. At some point in the trailer, Corey confronts Evelin with her ex and why she’s not wearing her wedding ring, asking “What happened to your ex? Is he from your life or not? And where is your ring? Where?” When Evelin replies with “I don’t want to wear a ring”, Corey shouts: “Exactly! Really. Are you in it or not?” She replies with “I don’t think I am.”

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