Coronation Street: Maureen has teased how Evelyn may not be Tyrones real grandmother

CORONATION Evelyn Plummer on the street may not be Tyrone’s grandmother, Maureen Lipman has revealed.

The legendary actress – who won Best Soap Newcomer at the Inside Soap Awards last night – doubted Evelyn’s true motives for sitting on the boulders and calling her a “cuckoo in the nest”.

Evelyn arrived on the boulders after Tyrone discovered the woman he thought was his mother, not actually his biological mother.

She died out of sight and left him a letter explaining that she had adopted him after his biological mother gave birth in a library and abandoned him.

He tracked down Evelyn and it was revealed that she was his grandmother and her daughter had moved to South Africa and later died.

However, the storyline has never been investigated and a DNA test has never been done to prove Evelyn’s claims.

Maureen spoke exclusively to The Sun Online last night and said, “What is she doing there?

“Is she his grandmother? I do not know. She is a cuckoo in the nest.

“They started that storyline about South Africa and the daughter and so and then they just went ‘la la la la’. Was there a daughter? Is she dead?”

“I mean look, I was in it in 2003 with a totally different head on my shoulders so that everything could happen.

“I loved Lillian because she looked a lot like Annie Walker – very pretentious. But this is a good character for me, it’s not really a piece of honesty. I’m channeling relatives.”

The actress, who has been a star of stage and screen for over 50 years, also revealed that she was very happy to win the best newcomer prize.

She said: “I am actually very happy that you know, because I love the work and when people realize that I do what I do and make it as layered as I can, then people are very distinctive.

“People come to me on the street all the time and say,” We love you on Corrie, you’re terrible! ” Thank you!

“She’s not that sweet, they’re trying to make her softer and I keep saying,” Stop it. “People don’t change in life – really not.”

But there is one thing that she doesn’t like about the boulders – the cash register she needs to use at Dev’s store.

She said: “The bloody cash register is not working anyway, so I always go:” Let this be right until it works! “

“It’s a store, I’m not pretending. I’m doing that with my grandchildren. I’m going to” ooh ping. “It has to work. It’s Confrontation Street.”

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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