Counting On: An İnsider Claims Jim Duggar Has A Penchant For Shopping

Counting On: An İnsider Claims Jim Duggar Has A Penchant For Shopping

Derick Dillard has told everyone who wants to listen that Jim Bob Duggar, the famous patriarch of the Duggar family, is hoarding the family’s money. Derick has insisted that he didn’t get paid for his time on Counting On both on social media and in a YouTube interview. If Derick’s accusations turn out to be true, it would mean that Jim Bob is sitting on a huge fortune, but an insider once claimed that Jim Bob Duggar, who claims to buy and save the difference, is some kind of hamster. Does the father of 19 spend the family’s money at auctions?

Counting On: An İnsider Claims Jim Duggar Has A Penchant For Shopping

The Duggar family insists on living with absolutely no debt. Apparently, they bought the land and their home kit in cash. The family even helped build the house they now call home to save on construction costs. Michelle Duggar has regularly preached about shopping in second-hand shops and avoiding the desire for material goods. According to one construction worker, the family may not practice what she preaches.

The Hollywood Gossip Girl talked to an insider in 2017. That insider, who claims to have family ties, claims that Jim Bob regularly visits auctions and comes home with tons of junk he keeps around Springdale. Reportedly, Jim Bob’s stash includes everything from dining room chairs to wrecked vehicles. The informant, whose connection to the Duggar family has not been checked, has gone so far as to call Jim Bob a “high-class hoarder”.

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Counting On: Jim İs Known For Hoarding Real Estate

While his penchant for buying items at auction is only a rumor, family followers can confirm that Jim Bob seems to be hoarding real estate. In fact, the people of Springdale, Arkansas, have long complained that Jim Bob and his large family seem to be buying property in the area, probably to curry favor with local politicians.

The family recently unloaded a villa that they spent years renovating. The Baylor Mansion has appeared on the Counting On family show at least once. The family also owns a number of residential and commercial properties in northwest Arkansas. Many of the Duggar children currently live in Jim Bob’s property.

Josiah Duggar and his wife, Lauren Swanson, currently reside in a house owned by Jim Bob. Joseph Duggar and his wife, Kendra Caldwell, live in a house once owned by Mary Duggar, Jim Bob’s late mother. Their home was moved into the family compound shortly after the couple’s marriage. It is believed that John-David Duggar and his wife, Abbie Burnett, also reside on family property.

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