Counting On: Anna May Have Hinted Another Duggar Baby İs On The Way.

Counting On: Anna May Have Hinted Another Duggar Baby İs On The Way.

Did Anna Duggar just mention there’s a seventh baby on the way? It would seem so, if her Instagram birthday means what Counting On fans think it means.

There’s been some speculation that Anna Duggar might be pregnant again. Maryella has just celebrated her seven-month anniversary. Usually her children are about two years apart, and if she were pregnant again, the babies would be about 16 or 17 months apart this time.

Counting On: Anna May Have Hinted Another Duggar Baby İs On The Way.

The first picture of Anna Duggar was one of her, Josh, and Maryella. She was holding her baby girl while her husband stood behind them in adoration. It would seem that this could be mistaken for an ad if you wanted to stretch it a bit.

Usually, Anna Duggar and Josh Duggar creatively announce a new baby. The message is always clear, though. This picture seems to be just something they had taken and wanted to share with the world.

Fans are still divided over whether Anna Duggar should have stayed with Josh Duggar. Her posts are often full of criticism, but some praise her faith in the middle of the storm. She stayed by her husband’s side despite his infidelity and indiscretions.

Counting On: What Has Anna Been Doing Lately?

Since Maryella’s arrival, Anna Duggar has shared what the family has done. She has confirmed that the birth of her daughter will not be part of next season’s Counting On, despite being included in the Duggar’s photo shoot of pregnant women and other scenes from last season.

From special releases to how her children have grown up, Anna continues to update fans on social media. Many viewers have followed the Duggars since their debut on reality television, which included the beginning of Josh and Anna’s courtship and marriage.

Many things have changed, but Anna Duggar remains faithful in her marriage and raising her children in a similar way to what Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar did. Recently, she has been compared to her mother-in-law, with only one fan who has even shut up, she will probably have “20 little Duggars” like her. Interestingly, the former reality star revealed that it was impossible because of her age, but she didn’t rule out other children.

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