Counting On: Derick Claims Jim Bob Tries To Control Everyone İn His Family

Counting On: Derick Claims Jim Bob Tries To Control Everyone İn His Family

The media brand of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar seems to be in danger. Over the past six months, the family has attempted to divulge weather reports of a federal investigation, a dishonest son-in-law who is talking about social media and rumors that Patriarch Duggar has repudiated not one, but two of his daughters. While they have worked hard to produce videos that paint them in a positive light, the hits keep coming. Now, a laborer has reported that the couple is not the one who appears on TV.

Counting On: Derick Claims Jim Bob Tries To Control Everyone İn His Family

Derick Dillard turned to social media to try to dispel some rumors about himself and his wife, Jill Duggar, in December 2019. In doing so, he also spilled a ton of dirt on the Duggar family. The father of two children and law student accused Jim Bob of making money from the family’s reality TV show, and suggested that Jim Bob Duggar was so authoritarian that he and his wife were not allowed to visit the family home if Jim Bob Duggar was not present.

Derick also accused his father-in-law of preventing the Duggar boys, as well as his genres, from taking jobs that are not directly related to the family. Derick claimed that he was not allowed to take a dream job because of Jim Bob, and alluded to the fact that it happened to other family members as well. At this point, none of the Duggar boys have jobs that aren’t provided by their father. Ben Seewald, who married Jessa Duggar in 2014, is also on the Duggar family payroll.

Counting On: An Insider Claims Jim Bob Duggar Has A Bad Temper

Jim Bob’s control of nature is not the only problem within the family’s Arbor Acres Road complex. A construction worker, who claims to have worked for the Duggar family, told The Hollywood Gossip, that Jim Bob has a bad temper. The source claims that Jim Bob Duggar can control his behavior while the cameras are rolling, but when the crew leaves, he turns into a completely different person. The source, who has not been identified by the publication, claims to have dealt with many of Jim Bob’s whims.

The insider’s memory of what happens inside the Duggar family’s house seems to be in line with previous reports on Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar. In 2015, it was reported that Jim Bob Duggar surprised one of the Duggar boys who was acting out of line with the Duggar family’s beliefs, and his screams about the incident scared the TV crews away. It has also been suggested that Jim Bob dominates his home with an iron fist and that he will be happy to marry his children if they do not seem to do as he is told. That’s why Josiah Duggar ended up married to Lauren Swanson.

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