Counting On: Derick Dillard’s followers are proud he and Jill are breaking away from the other Duggars

Counting On: Derick Dillard’s followers are proud he and Jill are breaking away from the other Duggars

We’ve been following Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s 19 kids for years. And now it’s Jill Duggar turning the spotlight on us. While Jill has long been known as one of the most important controllers in Duggar’s household, it seems she’s starting to separate from her family. And it’s her husband, Derick Dillard, who’s messing up all the juicy details of what’s going on behind the scenes.

While Jill Duggar and Derick’s followers wait for more information about their status with the rest of the Duggars, we can’t forget that Derick Dillard has a filthy past that killed many Duggar followers years ago. Now, however, he could change their minds. This is what his followers are telling him now after he’s taken another step toward modernity.

Duggar fans are well aware that Jill and Derick Dillard are no longer regularly on Counting On. And it looks like Derick’s Twitter activity from the past is partly to blame.

Back in August 2017, Derick Dillard took to Twitter to express transphobic sentiments against his TLC co-star, Jazz Jennings. “What an oxymoron… a reality show that follows a non-reality. Transgender’ is a myth. Sex is not fluid; it is ordained by God,” tweeted Derick. And this was just the beginning of his online attack on Jennings.

When TLC saw what was going on, they announced that Derick Dillard would no longer be connected to the network. But Derick Dillard now claims that a lot more fans don’t know. He took his Instagram at the end of 2019 to suggest that he and Jill Duggar were actually pressured by TLC to continue filming Counting On even if they didn’t want to. So it’s possible that his transphobic remarks were a stunt to get him fired, but we can’t say for sure.

Counting On: Derick Dillard’s followers are proud he and Jill are breaking away from the other Duggars

After the transformer commentary, many were completely eliminated for Derick Dillard. But he seems to be making a comeback. At the end of 2019, Derick Dillard went to his Instagram to summon Jill’s family. He claimed that he and Jill Duggar don’t see the other Duggars that often anymore because they need permission from Jim Bob before they go to the big family home. And Derick also said he would like to write a comprehensive book with the truth about what happens in the Duggar household.

Derick Dillard seems to be taking even more steps to keep the fans in his favor. He told an Instagram supporter that he would like them to attend his church, even if they are LGBTQ. And he and Jill Duggar also made the big decision to include their 4-year-old son, Israel, in the public school system.

“That’s so great. As an educator, I can’t tell you how important it is for children to be in a place where they are with other children their own age,” noted one of Derick’s followers at his post on Israel. “It’s so good for them and good for you, Mommy and Daddy, to see the importance of this.

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