‘Counting On’: Duggar isn’t allowed to move out until she gets married

'Counting On': Duggar isn’t allowed to move out until she gets married

Jana Duggar is one of the most mysterious members of the Duggar family. Her love life constantly has baffled people, since she seems to be a fun and outgoing young woman who could engage in courtship with almost anyone she wanted. But instead, Duggar has chosen to remain single and do things a little differently from his brothers. However, now that he is almost 30 years old and still living at home, some have noticed that his maturity level does not seem to be where he should be.

'Counting On': Duggar isn’t allowed to move out until she gets married

Duggar isn’t allowed to move out until she gets married

The Duggars live a very traditional life that has its roots in religion. And as part of that tradition, Duggars are not allowed to have privacy until they get married. Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar keep their children under their roof until they marry as a way to prevent children from being tempted to live without supervision. For Jana Duggar, this means that although she is almost 30 years old, she has never had any romantic interaction with a man. But living under the roof of their parents for so many years, and not experiencing the modern life that most Americans live, could have affected their maturity.

It seems she has no interest in settling down

Although Duggar has been asked many questions about when he will marry, he has always answered the same thing: he will enter a courtship when the right person appears. However, with all the fame of Duggar’s reality show, it seems difficult to believe that the right person has not yet appeared. Rather, it is as if Duggar had more fun living the single life than if he married. In an episode of Counting On, Duggar explained that not being married has allowed him to travel and explore different parts of the country, something that his married brothers have not had the same freedom to do.

Some think her recent Instagram photo shows her immaturity

Duggar recently published a photo that draws attention to the new episode of Counting On that will air on November 12. In the photo, Duggar is swinging on a stone wall while wearing a green sweater. Although some found the photo adorable, others felt it looked like something a girl would do instead of an adult woman.

Reddit users debated the photo and if that meant that Duggar was too immature for his age. “Do you remember when we were 13 and we just received MySpace? We used to post “modeling” images … And that’s what he is doing. Except he is 30 years old, “wrote a Reddit user.” This looks like a picture that could have been taken of me when I was five years old. The clothes and the pose, “someone else added.” I hope it doesn’t fall. Are you almost 30 years old? “Another user commented. It is clear that people have been concerned about Duggar’s lack of independence from his parents at such an advanced age.

There were rumors Duggar was courting Lawson Bates — but she is still single

There have been rumors that Duggar was courting Lawson Bates, a member of the Bates family (another very religious and large family with a reality show). He often leaves comments on Duggar’s photos, although the two appear to be just friends. Fans thought that a courtship announcement would have already been made, but since there has been nothing yet, it is safe to assume that Duggar has not yet found “the right one.” But it remains to be seen if living under the roof of their parents has really affected their level of maturity and their ability to grow.

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