Counting On: Jana Wears Pants İn New Photo

Counting On: Jana Wears Pants İn New Photo

Over the weekend, Jackson Duggar celebrated his 16th birthday, as reported by TV Shows Ace. The Duggar family shared an Instagram post on Jackson. The post contains a photo of Jim Bob and Michelle with Jackson holding his birthday cake. In the caption, the family wishes him a happy birthday and gives fans an update on him.

The family writes: “You are one of the best storytellers and joke tellers I’ve ever heard and you certainly make us laugh! I love to hear you whistle and sing during your day. And I’m also moved by the way you spend so much time every day reading your Bible so faithfully! It is a joy to be your parents and to see your desire to follow the Lord!

Then, at the end of the post, they talk about a bike ride. In the second picture of the post, several guys from the Duggar are on their bikes. While many of the comments on the post talk about Jackson’s birthday, some fans immediately noticed something in the second photo.

Counting On: Jana Wears Pants İn New Photo

In the picture showing some of the children on the bicycle, Jana Duggar is also depicted. The 30-year-old is the oldest in the family. She still lives at home, despite the fact that many of her younger siblings get married and start a family when they are young.

Nevertheless, Duggar’s fans point out that in the picture Jana Duggar is probably wearing pants. Some fans believe that Jana Duggar wears leggings under her skirt. Others think she wears pants while riding a bike because it’s more modest than riding a bike with a skirt. In the comments section, some fans say that it doesn’t matter what Jana is wearing and that fans should leave it all alone.

Duggars fans know that girls who wear skirts are a pretty important thing. Girls usually wear skirts for modesty reasons. But since some of the girls got married and started a family, they decided to wear pants instead of skirts. Jinger and Jill are two of the girls who often wear jeans or pants.

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  1. First off, Jana is NOT the oldest. She is the oldest daughter. Second, why is her clothing important? Are you so lacking as a journalist, you have to create controversy where there is none? Leave people alone and maybe you’ll put an end to some of the current hatred and divisiveness.

  2. You all are always making a federal case out of nothing. So what if she is wearing pants she is a grown woman after all. Everyone says that the Duggar kids need to do their own thing and not allow themselves to be programmed or controlled by their parents. The minute that they do they are rebelling against Jim Bob. The dress wearing thing was Michelle’s idea. The things they are doing now are things that they have always wanted to do. Get off their back and stop reading so much in to everything.

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