‘Counting On’ stars Joseph and Kendra Duggar expecting second baby

Anyone who loves the TLC show, Counting On knows that there is never a dull moment in the Duggar family. Just as it seems that things have slowed down between the Duggars, another couple is engaged, getting pregnant or welcoming a baby. This time it is Joe and Kendra Duggar with big news: the couple have just announced that they are expecting their second child. But when is Baby Duggar due?

Joe and Kendra Duggar welcomed their first child last year

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This Duggar couple first met in church, and things moved fairly quickly when they started to cherish. The two started a relationship in March 2017 and by May 2017 Joe was ready to submit a proposal. He asked Kendra to marry him at the wedding of his sister Joy Anna, and the couple planned their own wedding for September 2017. It was not long after they married that they announced that they were expecting their first child. The two welcomed a son, Garret, 39 weeks after they made the decision. Fans were suspicious about the relationship timeline of the couple, but realistically it is easy for a new mother to give birth a bit before her due date.

The couple hinted on the show they may be trying for another baby

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The two enjoyed Garret going together, but fans could tell that it would not be long before they announced that another baby was coming. In this season’s Counting On episode, producers asked the couples they were looking forward to in 2019. Joe and Kendra indicated that they could try another baby. Although Garret hasn’t even played one yet, the couple seemed to be in a good place and ready to welcome a second child.

Joe and Kendra just announced another pregnancy — and the little one should be arriving this fall

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On April 11, Joe and Kendra went to Instagram to announce that Garret’s younger brother or sister is officially on their way. The couple also posted a video on their blog stating that Kendra was expecting, and she said she had felt a bit shocked when she heard that a new baby was on the way. It is possible that the couple did not necessarily “try”, but since the Duggars do not believe in contraception, it should not surprise anyone that Kendra, who is only 20, would easily become pregnant. Assuming that Joe and Kendra wait 12 weeks before announcing the pregnancy (which is the usual protocol), the newest member of the Duggar family should arrive this fall – probably sometime in October.

The Duggars tend to have children close together

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The Duggars have always done a little differently than most American families. They have an extremely strong bond with their religion and they come from one of the largest families in the country. The Duggar couples tend to have children together; all families with more than one child had children who were separated by no more than two years. Joe and Kendra accelerated even more by becoming pregnant for the first birthday of their first child, but Jessa Seewald commented on the message from the couple that says she loves her own children and knows that Joe and Kendra’s children are also in the will be nearby.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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