‘Counting On’: The Duggar family must follow all of their parents’ rules until they’re married

'Counting On': The Duggar family must follow all of their parents’ rules until they’re married

The Duggar family is one of the largest families in the United States, but it derives from its traditional nature; Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar do not believe in birth control, so they had 19 children. But their values do not stop there: they believe that men run the home while women take care of children. For the Duggars, it is a lifestyle they seem to enjoy, but those who follow the family’s life suspect that it puts Jim Bob Duggar in total control, even more than previously thought.

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The Duggar family must follow all of their parents’ rules until they’re married

Michelle and Jim Bob raised their children very strictly, and there was no such thing as breaking the rules. Growing up, children were not allowed to watch television and had very limited access to music. Michelle and Jim Bob only allowed their children to access certain websites to make sure they were not exposed to any temptation. Children were taught that men do work while women raise children, and most of them marry very young. In addition, there is absolutely no privacy allowed before marriage.

The husbands in the family tend to be the decision makers

The Duggars believe that the husband is the head of the family. In all the life situations of the Duggars, the women stay at home and take care of the children while the husbands go to work. That said, decisions such as finances are always made mainly by the husband, although it seems that certain couples have a more inclusive conversation than others. But the idea that men rule the house has led some to believe that Jim Bob Duggar has more control over his children, and his spouses, than was once thought.

Some suspect Jim Bob Duggar is in total control of his family

Those who follow the Duggars are aware that Jim Bob is the head of the family, but some think it is even deeper. Duggars’ salaries for his reality show have never been revealed, but some who follow the family suspect that Jim Bob has full control of finances. That is, TLC pays you, then distributes wages and decides what percentages your children will earn.

“Jim Bob is obviously in charge of all the main sources of income that the Duggar family has. He supports all married couples, either directly (by cutting a check) or indirectly (by providing them with a job to earn money), “a Reddit user wrote. The comment received 87% of the vote.” The money should have been Jill (and Jessa and the other Kidault [sic] to count on), “added another person.

“The fact that Counting On‘s money went through Jim Bob is disgusting,” another person replied in response. Although it has not been confirmed that Jim Bob manages all the money, he is responsible for preparing men with jobs once they finish their home education program, so we would not be surprised if they depend on it for their finances. .

Jinger Duggar appears to be the only one who escaped her parents

The only Duggar who seems to have been released from the strong control of his father is Jinger Duggar, who lives in California with her husband, Jeremy Vuolo. However, the two are still in the program, which means they still get a share of the program’s earnings. But Vuolo is a minister, so he has his own professional career, unlike most family members who settled with jobs through Jim Bob.

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