‘Counting On’: The Duggars don’t traditionally believe in Santa

'Counting On': The Duggars don’t traditionally believe in Santa

Jinger Duggar has become a favourite among fans of Counting On. She and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, moved to California in the summer and this will be their first Christmas in their new (rental) home. The Duggars have always celebrated Christmas a little differently than most people, but it seems that Duggar and Vuolo are starting some new traditions in their new home. And Duggar let fans just decorate a bit of her.

The Duggars don’t traditionally believe in Santa

The Duggar family is very religious and their values and traditions are very different than most Americans think. When it comes to Christmas, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar don’t cover the corridors with Santa Claus statues and reindeer ornaments. On the contrary, the children were not allowed to believe that Santa Claus was growing up. Historically, Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Jesus, and while many people still go to church on holiday, it’s also about Santa Claus, gifts and spending time with family. For the Duggars, however, Jesus is the reason for the season and Santa Claus is not welcome in their home. Every year the family puts up a banner ‘Happy Birthday, Jesus’ and they don’t have a Christmas tree.

'Counting On': The Duggars don’t traditionally believe in Santa

The Duggar children have broken a few Christmas rules since moving out

Now that some of the Duggar children have grown up and moved, many of them have broken a few rules. Some daughters now wear pants and they have begun to form their own traditions. Almost every now married Duggar has a Christmas tree in their home; they usually show them on social media, so it seems that Michelle and Jim Bob are fine with their children who form their own traditions. And Jinger Duggar recently gave fans a glimpse of her Californian Christmas decor.

Duggar recently let fans in on the Vuolo household’s Christmas décor

Vuolo and Duggar moved to California at the beginning of July and they seem to have settled down nicely. Now it’s Christmas, Duggar has started decorating their house for the holidays. She recently showed fans a picture of her dining room on her Instagram story. Her dining table had a red tablecloth and there was a large Christmas tree in the corner of the room. Instead of an angel on top, Duggar and Vuolo put a star – interesting, since they have such close ties to their religion. The tree had only white lights and no ornaments, but it is possible that they have another tree that is more decorated.

It wouldn’t surprise fans if Duggar allowed Felicity to believe in Santa Claus

Although Duggar didn’t mention Santa Claus, it wouldn’t surprise fans if she and her husband allowed Felicity to believe in him. Jeremy Vuolo was raised religiously, but with a more modern upbringing than his wife. It is unclear whether he believed in Santa as a child, but if he did, he would probably remember the joy it brought him and want it for his daughter as well. Fans also suspect that this will be the Vuolos last Christmas as a family of three – many people think that Duggar has shown signs of a second pregnancy in recent photographs.

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