‘Counting On’: The Duggars have very strict relationship rules

'Counting On': The Duggars have very strict relationship rules

The Duggar family does not like to go out. Rather, they court with the intention of getting married. Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar raised their children in a very traditional way: they are very religious, and many of the children’s rules derive from living life to please God. Children cannot go out, and there is no privacy allowed before marriage. But the words that Joseph Duggar used to describe his crush on Kendra Caldwell confirm that the Duggars live in a different reality.

The Duggars have very strict relationship rules

Growing up, the Duggars could not experience the same things as most American children. Everyone was educated at home by Michelle, and never played on any intramural sports team or did after-school activities that didn’t involve the church. Things were even stricter when it came to dating: the Duggars were not allowed to leave casually. Instead, they entered into courtships, which were relationships with the intention of getting married. The Duggars would get to know the personality and religious values of another person; if they were compatible, the courtship would result in a marriage.

Their ideas of husband and wife differ from the modern American ways

Years ago, it was thought that the husband was the head of the family, who earned the money for the family and was the only person responsible for making great decisions. Today, times have changed, but not for the Duggar family. The Duggars still see the role of husband and wife as the man who earns the money and the woman who takes care of the children. In all Duggar marriages, this is still the case, although some marriages (such as Jinger and Jessa Duggar marriages) seem to have more equal roles.

Joseph Duggar once said he ‘observed’ Kendra Caldwell before courting her

Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell are one of the most traditional Duggar couples. They got married very young and started having children immediately. Duggar goes to work every day while Caldwell stays at home and takes care of the babies. But the way Duggar described their relationship before starting courting gives us an idea of ​​how Duggars really think about marriages.

Duggar once said that before courting Caldwell, he didn’t know much about her. But he added that he would occasionally talk to her and “watch her from a distance” to find out what kind of character and values ​​she had. He said that the more he watched her, the more “impressed he was with his pious character and his sweet and gentle spirit.” While Duggar’s intentions are good, his choice of words makes it clear that the Duggars seek their spouses instead of making a connection happen naturally. It makes clear that the Duggars think that marriage is a sacred commitment to the Lord instead. Of a commitment for love.

Some think the two are on track to have as many kids as Michelle and Jim Bob

Duggar and Caldwell are definitely one of the most traditional Duggar couples in their behaviors, and some fans are convinced that they are the next Michelle and Jim Bob. Caldwell already announced two pregnancies before he turned 21, and he married Duggar when he was only 19 years old. It seems that the two have years of having babies ahead, so it would not surprise anyone if they ended up with more than 19 children. .

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