‘Counting On’: Was The Duggar Family Home Really Raided By Police?

'Counting On': Was The Duggar Family Home Really Raided By Police?

On Sunday, November 17, rumors began to emerge that the Duggar family was being investigated by the police. Rumors intensified later to suggest that the FBI was present at the Duggar family complex, and that the family was nowhere on the property. Internet detectives quickly dealt with the case, analyzing all facets of family life to try to find a potential connection with the rumors. A fan even turned to Amy Duggar’s Instagram profile to ask the famous cousin Duggar if the stories were true. While Amy’s response was without compromise, it seems that nothing significant is happening in Washington County, Arkansas, at least nothing related to the Duggar family.

Where did the rumor come from?

Rumors of an FBI raid began to swirl over the weekend. They first gained significant traction in a Reddit community dedicated to Duggar’s family growl. From there, it acquired a life of its own, with several forums committing whole threads to the supposed situation in development. People who claim to be local intervened with their own theories, but nothing has been verified and the sources are still not hidden.

While the rumor really gained strength once it appeared on Reddit, its origins seem to be a hidden element posted on Facebook. The blind article suggested that the FBI was raiding the home of a famous and large family. The author of the blind article also published a follow-up on November 18, probably responding to the fact that the alleged raid turned out to be false. The new blind article says: “Whether there is a raid or just a letter addressed to the family of reality by the federals, it does not change the fact that at least one member of the distant preteen family lived somehow with the pedophile does not change the fact that the family is removing a ton of social media posts, turning off comments and trying to eliminate any actions they did abroad as part of “charitable help.” Blind elements appeared in Crazy Days and Nights, a website dedicated to celebrity gossip.

Fans have theorized that the fictional incursion was related in some way to Joshua Duggar. Joshua, as everyone will remember, was at the center of the family scandal in 2015 when it was revealed that he sexually abused several of his younger siblings. Another theory suggested that the family was being investigated for tax evasion or money laundering. It has long been rumored that Jim Bob Duggar is involved in some shady business.

Is there any weight to the FBI raid rumors?

At this time, the rumor does not seem to contain anything. It seems that neither the local police nor the FBI were present at the Duggar family properties this weekend. An investigation into local arrests in the region has also revealed nothing remarkable. At least, no one connected to the Duggar family has been arrested by the police, and it does not appear that a search warrant has been issued for the property. Radar Online has reported that the FBI confirmed that they were not investigating the Duggar family this weekend.

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At this time, it is safe to say that there is nothing remarkable in the family home, at least, nothing in which the authorities are involved. There is always something a little strange with the Duggar family. As of now, everything seems to be on the rise and the family is not on the verge of another scandal. At least, not one in which the police are involved. The Duggars still need to deal with their son-in-law, Derick Dillard. Dillard took Twitter to criticize the family earlier this week.

Why is the Duggar family turning of social media comments?

While it is safe to say that the rumors are obviously false, the family lent some credit to the rumor factory. In the days before the accusations, the Duggar family decided to deactivate Instagram comments and began deleting some posts. Jedidiah Duggar and Anna Duggar deactivated Instagram comments at one time during the weekend. Jedidiah recently announced that he will run for a position in the Arkansas House of Representatives. Anna Duggar will give birth to her sixth child at any time.

The behavior of Jedidiah and Anna has surprised fans as a bit strange, but there is likely to be a completely innocuous explanation. It is possible that with his political aspirations, Jed does not want to spend time carefully monitoring the comments; Therefore, he decided to turn them off completely. Anna may feel overwhelmed by some of the negative statements thrown in her path and has decided to take a break on social media. Turning off comments does not mean exactly that the FBI is knocking on the family door. However, we have to admit that it is a bit strange.

Written by Tommy Kilmer


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