‘Counting On’: Why did Jill avoid Christmas with her parents?

'Counting On': Why did Jill avoid Christmas with her parents?

Maybe there’s a truth to that fight of the Duggar family after all. Count star Jill Duggar skipped Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s Christmas festivities this year and caused more rumors of a growing feud between her husband, Derick Dillard and the rest of the family. So what were Jill and Derick doing while the rest of the Duggars gathered at Jim Bob and Michelle’s house this Christmas?

Jill Duggar skips Christmas with her family

Not all Duggars have reached the not-so-humble abode of Jim Bob and Michelle this holiday season. Jinger Duggar and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, celebrated Christmas in Los Angeles this year, while Josh Duggar flew to Florida to spend the holiday with his wife.

Despite the absence, Jim Bob and Michelle still had a full house in their hands. On YouTube, Jessa Duggar shared a quick video of the family meeting at Christmas, in which most of the Counting On stars played games and handed out gifts.

'Counting On': Why did Jill avoid Christmas with her parents?

Jana, Joseph, John David, Josiah, Jedidiah, Joy-Anna, Jeremiah, James, Jason, Justin, Johannah, Jackson, Jordyn, Jennifer and Josie Duggar were all in the clip.

Counting On fans of course quickly noticed that Jill Duggar wasn’t included in the video. She also failed to share anything on her social media accounts, although her husband picked up the slack in that department.

Why did Jill avoid Christmas with her parents?

Derick posted a series of photos on Instagram during the Christmas holidays and revealed that they spent the holidays at their home.

“We had our own little Christmas, and some international friends joined us,” he said to a fan…

One Counting On fan then commented that they will never see Jill and Derick at her parents’ house again. Not one to miss the comment, Derick shot back by pointing out that they are no longer in the show.

“Is Jill and Derrick going to her parents’ house. I see so many pictures of Duggar family, but they’re not [ever] in the pictures,” another fan commented.

“We’re not at 19 Kids and Counting anymore.” Derick shot back.

As fans will recall, Derick was apparently fired from Counting On after making some questionable comments about the transgender community on Twitter. Derick insisted that he left the show on his own terms, yet his departure came weeks after his miscues on social media.

Fast forward to the current day and Derick recently got into some hot water after saying a few derogatory things about TLC and Jim Bob. The comments have sparked rumors that Derick and Jim Bob are arguing, which seems likely at the moment.

Derick slams Jim Bob

As early as October, Derick shared a series of tweets about how Jim Bob deals with contracts with TLC. Derick claimed that Jim Bob negotiated all Counting On contracts himself and that he didn’t tell anyone about them until afterwards.

He also alluded to the idea that Jim Bob takes his children’s money and that TLC didn’t pay him for the things they filmed.

In another tweet, Derick blasted TLC for asking him and Jill to return to Counting On. He says that the producers begged them to continue filming and that they stepped away because it wasn’t worth the stress on their family.

Finally, Derick advised the network to get some lawyers because “a storm is inevitable.”

We still don’t know if Derick is serious about suing TLC, but he certainly has plans to expose the Duggars like never before.

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