‘Counting On’: Why do Jill Duggar’s kids spend so much time unattended in the bathroom?

'Counting On': Why do Jill Duggar's kids spend so much time unattended in the bathroom?

What do you do when your son gets into hijinx? Do you discipline them accordingly or post the incident on Instagram for the world to see and judge? Jill Duggar seems to take the last approach when it comes to his two children. Israel, 4, and Sam, 2, seem to be very lively children with a lot of energy, but their mischievous nature has apparently led to some questionable parenting decisions. Followers of the former Counting On star are particularly concerned about a recent series of bath pranks from Jill’s youngest son.

Why do Jill Duggar’s kids spend so much time unattended in the bathroom?

Fans don’t always find Jill’s stories about their two children fun. That’s nothing new, but now, followers are questioning why their youngest son seems to be left unattended so often in the family bathroom. On November 18, Jill posted on Instagram twice to indicate that Sam got into trouble while hanging out in the bathroom.

First, Jill pointed out that the young man drank some water from the bathroom while leaving him alone. A few hours later, he shared a picture of Sam sitting in front of the toilet bowl with a toilet paper tube. She claims that the mischievous boy unrolled a whole roll of paper in the toilet bowl to get to the cardboard tube. Followers wonder why the youngest child in the family is left alone in the bathroom for so long.

Is Jill not paying attention, or do you think children should run around the house? It is difficult to determine by their publications, but it is safe to say that a two-year-old would need more than a couple of minutes to untangle a complete roll of toilet paper. While his penchant for cardboard tubes is a bit fun, fans are really worried about the incident of the toilet water.

Jill Duggar ’s son apparently enjoys toilet water

Jill’s youngest son decided to take a short break in the bathroom with his cereal. To make sure everything was nice and wet, the two-year-old boy decided to dip his food in the toilet before continuing to consume it. Jill and the fans were legitimately scared, but although Jill seemed to let the incident happen as something strange his son did, the fans were less willing to forgive and forget.

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Jill Dillard (@jillmdillard)'in paylaştığı bir gönderi ()

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This isn’t the first time Jill’s parenting has raised eyebrows

Jill has chosen to document life with her children on Instagram, and in doing so, opened up to a ton of criticism. Some followers have pointed out that Jill does not seem to be enjoying motherhood so much, and there are several times when her children seem to be left unattended.

In October 2019, fans were worried to see that Jill’s children had gotten into the coal that the family used for their barbecue grill. Missouri Poison Control notes that while briquettes are not toxic in small amounts, they pose a choking hazard for young children. A few weeks later, Jill shared a snapshot of his little son standing in a trash can to access bananas that were stored on a shelf hanging on the wall. The followers were worried that the young man could fall and even tear the wall shelf in the process.

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