‘Counting On’: Why do the Duggars love pickles so much?

'Counting On' Why do the Duggars love pickles so much

Do not come between the Duggars and their pickles. Though the famously large family has many quirks, from their ban on kissing before marriage to their refusal to celebrate Halloween, one of the strangest is their endless enthusiasm for pickles.

The Counting On family’s obsession with salty snacks is well documented. So when National Pickle Day came, you can bet the Duggars were pretty excited.

The Duggars celebrated National Pickle Day 

“It’s National PICKLE Day!! Kind of a big dill around here! “The Duggar family posted to their official Instagram account on November 14th. They then asked people to share their favorite types of pickles.

Anna Duggar also published an article on pickles, sharing the picture of one of her children nibbling a pickle spear and asking, “Have you ever had your pickle? !!!

Why do the Duggars love pickles so much? 

'Counting On': Why do the Duggars love pickles so much?

Where does the Duggars’ love for vinegar snack come from? This is not entirely clear, but the girl Jessa hypothesized that everything would be back to mother Michelle Duggar.

“The Duggars love pickles. I think it probably started when my mother is pregnant, she craves pickles, that’s the only thing that matters. Whenever we see her eating gherkins, we say, “Are you pregnant?

Gherkin attachment apparently extends to the younger generation of Duggars. Jill Duggar admitted that she bribed her son Israel with pickles to take Instagram photos. The mother of two also joked about drinking gherkin juice, although she clearly explained to her social media followers that she was not drinking because she was pregnant.

They give pickles as gifts  

'Counting On': Why do the Duggars love pickles so much?

Pickles even play a major role in the Christmas festivities of the Duggar family. Although the family does not have a tree or Santa in her celebrations, she exchanges gifts. And one of these gifts is always a jar of pickles. Each child receives a personalized gift bag with dried beef, its favorite flavor of potato chips and pickles.

“We love almost all gherkins, but everyone loves a different type,” Michelle told Focus on the Family in 2017. “Same thing for Pringles and Tumble. Christmas is the time of year when every child has his favorite flavor of every treat. “

Pickles even make an appearance at Duggar weddings. Joy-Anna Duggar would have served them when she married Austin Forsyth in 2017. She even asked a friend to serve as an official “pickle cutter”.

The Duggars not only packed pickle pots as a gift, but they also added pickles on their pizza, as they revealed in an episode of 19 of 19 Kids and Counting in 2015.

“It’s a Duggar affair, we love all pickles,” said his son James in this episode.

Do you want to munch on a Duggar approved pickle? The family shared a recipe for their own homemade pickles on their website.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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