Covington Students Lawyers Call Washington Post Editor’s note ‘Grossly Insufficient’

“The Post ignored her own culpability and misdeeds,” say lawyers for Nicholas Sandmann

Lawyers for Covington Catholic high school student Nicholas Sandmann came out waving Monday, referring to the editor’s note added to Washington Post’s first coverage of Sandmann’s January meeting with an Indian elder in Washington, DC, as “roughly inadequate.”

“The Post’s attempts to condone his offense on Friday were prematurely, grossly inadequate, and did little more than the lies it published – lies that haunt and detract from the rest of his life,” Attorneys L. Lin Wood and Todd McMurtry said in a statement published online.

“The Post ignored her own culpability and misdeeds,” they continued, adding that the newspaper “did not have the character to apologize to Nicholas and seek his forgiveness.”

Wood declined to comment further than the statement, but told TheWrap that his team was planning to move forward with the $ 250 million lawsuit filed against the Post last month.

Representatives of the post refused to comment than an earlier statement last week.

“Although we do not accept the characteristics and assertions related to our report on the Lincoln Memorial incident, we have taken steps to address the concerns we have expressed.” The full story did not all appear at once and during our reporting. we tried to produce accurate reports, “said a representative of the paper.

On Friday, the Washington Post published a long editorial note regarding their Covington coverage that did not offer any excuses and was not posted on the website’s homepage.

“An article from the Washington Post that was first put online on January 19, reported on an January 18 incident at the Lincoln Memorial,” the notes partially. “A subsequent report, a statement from a student and additional video allow a more complete assessment of what has occurred, or the contradiction or non-confirmation of the accounts provided in that story – including that Native Phillips activist Nathan Phillips was prevented by one student to go further, that his group was taunted by the students in the run-up to the meeting and that the students were trying to stir up a conflict. ‘

Sandmann sued the Post last month for defamation because of the coverage of the meeting between him and Nathan Phillips. The post suggested “no less than six false and slanderous articles” on the subject, reading the suit, adding that the paper “wrongly targeted and bullied Nicholas because he was the white, Catholic student wearing a red” Make America Great Again ‘souvenir cap. “

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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