Cruise Ship Hit by Rogue 115 MPH Wind Gust, Injuring Passengers

A Norwegian cruise ship tipped at sea, in which several people on board were injured on their way to Port Canaveral, Florida, Sunday.

Furniture was filmed as they slid across the floor as plates and glasses crashed.

Passenger Charlotte Conmey said she still woke up when she talked with Inside Edition days later.

“People were panicking, I mean I screamed screaming,” she said. “A real scene from the Titanic, I’ve been on cruises and have never felt anything like this.”

The ship, The Norwegian Escape, sailed from New York to Florida with nearly 4,000 vacationers on board when it was battered by a rogue blast of 115 mph gust.

The passengers say that the ship is tilted for about a minute in a frightening 45-degree angle before it erects itself.

Hendrik J. Keijer, a retired captain of a cruise ship, spoke with Inside Edition about what to do if you are on a ship that encounters similar circumstances.

“I would advise people to stop moving and stay where they are,” he said.

The Norwegian Escape made it safe to the port in Florida, but eight people were taken to the hospital, none of them seriously injured. The rest of the passengers went on with their hopefully much more relaxing holiday.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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