Danielle Staub Is Going to Be a Duchess

Just after the two weeks’ separation since her divorce from Marty Caffrey was completed, one of the most real housewives, Danielle Staub, has become engaged to Oliver Maier, who is also a duke and a vintner.

Maier is the Duke of Provence, and that sounds like hell. But perhaps that title in France does not matter as much as Downton Abbey, where my knowledge of the subject starts and ends. He also owns 15 vineyards, so the drinking cups of the other real housewives must be at least half an hour full.

Staub, who had been engaged 20 times, said in October that she was no longer looking for a new relationship: “I mean I might be engaged a couple of times, but marriage is out of the question.”

But a duchess has the right to change his mind. The wedding will take place on March 4.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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