Days Of Our Lives (Recap): Power Struggles and Suspicion Mount in Latest Days of Our Lives Episode

Days Of Our Lives (Recap): Power Struggles and Suspicion Mount in Latest Days of Our Lives Episode

In the latest episode of Days of Our Lives, tension mounts at the DiMera Mansion as Nicole fills EJ in on Johnny and Wendy’s suspicions that he may be the one drugging Stefan. Nicole lies to Johnny and Wendy to make them believe EJ is innocent, but EJ is annoyed that Johnny’s loyalties seem to lie with Stefan. As the two plot to take down Stefan, they invite Papa Shin over for dinner, hoping to use his presence to observe Stefan’s unstable behavior and have him removed from his position.

Stefan’s Mysterious Condition

Meanwhile, Stefan arrives home and immediately loses his balance, which EJ and Nicole attribute to Dr. Rolf’s experiments, as well as the flu. Stefan retires to his bedroom to rest. It remains unclear what exactly is wrong with him and whether he will recover.

Tripp, Johnny, and Identity Theft

At the University Hospital, Tripp is settling into his new role, but things take a turn when Johnny arrives to request a copy of EJ’s test results, suspecting foul play. Tripp, not wanting to break HIPPA laws, denies the request, but Johnny decides to commit identity theft and steal Tripp’s badge to access the records.

Alex and Maggie’s Power Struggle at Titan

At Titan, Alex confides in Victor about his issues with Maggie regarding Bella Magazine. However, Maggie asserts her authority, telling Alex she’s in charge and demanding he resign if he can’t respect her position. She sends Alex to fire the staff at Bella and review his accounts. Victor reveals he ratted out Alex, leaving Maggie furious that he tried to undermine her.

Xander, Gwen, and Leo’s Scheme

At The Spectator, Xander and Gwen’s relationship takes an unexpected turn when Leo arrives with the news that Xander’s divorce papers have been expedited. While Gwen is excited about the prospect of a future with Xander, he confesses that he still loves Sarah and can’t be with her for the foreseeable future. Gwen doesn’t understand why Xander always turns to her for help with underhanded deeds but never sees her as someone he could introduce to his mother. Xander reveals that his mother is dead to him, leaving fans wondering if we’ll see more about his past.

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