Did Meghan Markle Sign a Prenup Agreement Before Marrying Prince Harry?

However much we think that the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is meant to be forever, no one should think there is never a chance of divorce. With all the internal tensions going on with the royal family – and also Meghan’s family – it was probably enough to conquer the nerves of the couple.

After a while you would expect that they would have a few fights, something that is said to have happened recently. Although this is a natural part of the marriage, many royal fans want to know if Meghan has a prenup to handle any theoretical divorce more easily.

In reality, for a specific reason, prenups are not really feasible in the UK. If you want to get married in the Windsor line, be on your guard.

British royals don’t have prenups

Meghan Markle

Many people assume that Meghan and Harry would be a prenup based on what happened with the divorce of Charles and Diana. Sources such as Cosmo have recently analyzed this topic and have noted an important aspect: Prenups are not really legally binding in the UK.

Although an agreement was concluded between Charles and Diana in the 1990s, it was not based on a previously signed agreement. As a result, no royal party has ever signed a marriage contract. Neither Kate Middleton and Prince William signed a marriage ceremony, nor Meghan and Harry.

The legal definition behind this says because the queen owns all palaces and other residences, there is no concern about having to split up property. Issues such as compensation or guardianship would be technically settled by an external court, making it a little less complicated.

Because dividing property is much more complicated, you can see why the royals are probably happy that the courts have not made divorces too complicated.

Meghan Markle likely signed some form of a prenup

Meghan Markle

If you look a little deeper into the legal details of prenups, a door will certainly be left open for an agreement if you’ve ever made a layout. Most legal experts here in America say that Meghan would have agreed to some kind of conditions in the marriage without calling it a legal pre-up. Part of this probably works exactly how much money she would receive from Harry if they ever got divorced.

Other legal analysts say that the reason why a pre-up is so rejected in the royal family distracts from a strong marriage pledge. Considering that marrying royalties is an even bigger job than a typical marriage, the idea is that true love must prevail to make something like that work.

Then you must consider how complex the world is now compared to just nine years ago when William and Kate got married. All the chaos that Harry and Meghan have had to go beyond anything other royal couples see.

Just because of this thought, we wonder if their dedication to each other can stand under the pressure of the media.

Avoiding marriage contention by planning years ahead

Now we can see why Harry and Meghan decided to move to Frogmore Cottage so that they could have a sense of peace. Even rumors about those who want to move to Africa are logical.

All in all, the stress they experience and the extra work they do to maintain their marriage is probably the best thing they can do to stay on their guard. Whether that leaves a real-time time for love is something else. Their retreat at Frogmore seems to work so far thanks to the long-planned security. Let’s hope that Harry and Meghan can keep this shield for the rest of their lives.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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