Does Kate Middleton want a divorce? Prince William’s infamous alleged affair

The royal family definitely has a strict protocol that they must follow. Although most families have guidelines on how to behave in a certain way, the royals take it on a different level: they have to dress, eat, talk and communicate with people in a certain way.

It is true that the family has been more relaxed in recent years with their seemingly endless list of rules. Kate Middleton has been seen more than once in dresses that are above the knee, and her sister-in-law, Meghan Markle, is notorious for doing things her way. Although there are certain minor things that the queen lets family members get away with, such as Meghan and Prince Harry’s adorable public hand holding, it is said that she is adamant that she no longer wants divorces for the royal family.

Her eldest son, Prince Charles, has finally undergone a very public divorce from Princess Diana and there are other family members who have ended their marriage. In the aftermath of a controversial affair between Prince William and Kate’s friend, Rose Hanbury, many people wonder if Queen Elizabeth is forbidding her grandson to divorce his wife.

Prince William’s infamous alleged affair

Does Kate Middleton want a divorce? Prince William’s infamous alleged affair

Only those who are completely out of line are not aware of the rumors that William was having an affair with Hanbury. It all started in April when we found out that Kate was ending her relationship with her old good friend. Fans knew the two had a sort of big fight, and it wasn’t long before the newspaper had cheated Kate with Rose, although this was never officially confirmed.

Kate and William live near Rose and her husband, and the two couples spent a lot of time together, so it was a surprise for everyone when Kate insisted on “phasing out” her boyfriend.

Does Kate Middleton want a divorce?

Does Kate Middleton want a divorce? Prince William’s infamous alleged affair

Cheating is hurtful to everyone involved, and when a person is out in the open, only a Kate, media control is considerably more difficult. Like everyone else, Kate and William may want to be able to solve the problems they have in their marriage privately and not have to worry about what others think and feel.

Immediately after the rumors, there was even more speculation that Kate wanted to end her marriage to William. Royal fans would have been destroyed if that ever happened. Fortunately, like the cheat allegations, these rumors have not been confirmed, with various news broadcasts reporting that they are “untrue.”

Would Prince William and Kate Middleton be allowed to divorce?

Does Kate Middleton want a divorce? Prince William’s infamous alleged affair

Fortunately, the news about William and Hanbury has never been confirmed by an official source because it seems as if the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge could not get a divorce, even if they wanted to. Apparently the queen no longer wants divorces in the royal family, so when William was married, she told her grandson that he should “make wise choices” because his marriage was expected to last forever.

Queen Elizabeth, after splitting up many royal couples, simply no longer allows divorces. During her reign she saw her sister, the wedding of Princess Margaret, expire. Moreover, she has seen the separation of not only Charles and Diana, but also Princess Anne and Mark Phillips and Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson.

We are not only so happy that the false rumors have never proved that they are true, but we are happy that the queen has decided that there are no more divorces in the family. William and Kate are one of our favorite royal couples, and we always want to see them together.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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