Does Meghan have any family support?

Unless you’ve been completely out of the circle lately, you know about the drama that Meghan Markle‘s family has caused since she announced her engagement almost two years ago.

It seems that her estranged half-sister, Samantha Grant, bases Meghan in the news and social media whenever she gets a chance. Meghan has not spoken with her father, Thomas Markle, Sr. since her marriage, and she has been alienated from her half-brother, Thomas Markle, Jr. for quite some time. With all the drama that has occurred, fans are pretty concerned. Is the stress of Markle’s family drama negative for the Duchess of Sussex?

What is the drama all about?

We really don’t know if anyone knows what the drama is about. Samantha takes punches at her younger half-sister, apparently for no reason, except to hurt her feelings. She blames Meghan for not assisting their father financially, calling her things like “cruel,” “selfish,” and “heartless.” Meghan’s brother even wrote a letter to Prince Harry before the wedding advised him not to marry Meghan. What a relief that Harry did not follow his advice!

Does Meghan have any family support?

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Of course! Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland, is one of her best friends. It has even been speculated that Harry and Meghan made several low-key trips to visit Meghan’s mother in Los Angeles, where she lives. Of course, Doria has visited Meghan in London several times since joining the royal family, because she is fine with Harry. They have made it clear that they love Doria unconditionally and it seems that the feeling is mutual. Some fans even suspect that Doria will move with the Duke and Duchess to Frogmore’s house once the renovations are completed.

How has Meghan’s father contributed to the drama?

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Although he does not post negative reactions on social media like Samantha does, Thomas Sr. certainly his part of the drama created for his daughter. He hurt her feelings by setting up paparazzi photos shortly before she married Harry and she never apologized directly for his actions. Recently it was news that Meghan sent a personal handwritten letter to her father, who talked about her hurt feelings. Instead of keeping the matter between them, Thomas decided to share the letter with the whole world through the news media.

Have they talked about it?

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It seems that Meghan has not spoken with her half-sister, half-brother or father since the royal wedding. Samantha and Thomas Jr. have not received invitations to the wedding – something they absolutely do not mention. Although neither Harry nor Meghan have made public statements about the drama, no one in Meghan’s family has attempted to repair the damage they have caused.

Is the stress negatively affecting Meghan?

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She keeps a smile on her face during looks, but we can only guess that the stress is not good for her at the moment, as she is currently pregnant with her first child. This is a period in her life where Meghan has to keep things as stress free as possible and the situation with her family certainly does not help. It is likely that Meghan’s feelings were extremely hurt by the actions of her family members, but she has a lot of support to help her with that. Meghan can talk to her friends, her mother, and members of the royal family, such as her sister-in-law Kate Middleton, when she needs advice. We are happy that so many people rooted for the duchess!

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