Dolly Parton donates $200,000 to volunteer firefighters

Allegedly, the Dolly Parton music icon donated $ 200,000 to volunteer firefighters from Sevier County, TN who assisted residents during the 2016 forest fires. The deadly fires caused great destruction and damage in the province that was once the country’s star.

Through Parton’s Dollywood Foundation, specifically called the “My People Fund,” Parton gave $ 20,000 to eight volunteer fire departments in Sevier County and an additional $ 40,000 to their training center. “It is only fitting that the last of the My People Fund go to those who were the first to respond to the fires,” Parton said in a statement.

Parton had originally announced the creation of the My People Fund less than 48 hours after the Flames hit Servier County on November 28, 2016. This deadly fire storm came after several months of severe drought, killed 14 people and destroyed more than 2,500 homes. It is no wonder that Parton felt compelled to create this fund!

Around 885 families were helped to rebuild their homes and live through the My People Fund through $ 1,000 checks, one per month over a six-month period.

Baker also confirmed that the money that went to the training center will help rebuild a classroom in the facility on Center View Road! The training center is used by all fire brigades in the province, in addition to law enforcement.

As a “thank you” for Parton’s efforts and contributions to her home province, the Tennessee Board of Representatives has given the singer a resolution to recognize and honor her as one of the most loved and accomplished daughters of Tennesee, according to the official website from Parton. So well deserved!

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Written by Tommy Kilmer

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