DOOL: Drawn To Ben

DOOL: Drawn To Ben

DOOL spoilers reveal that in the week of July 12, Ciara Brady will get closer to Ben Weston. Despite the amnesia, she probably feels a connection in her heart. But her mind cannot remember their love, leaving her confused and scared. As Ciara Brady is pulled in two different directions, how will she make the right choice?

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Ben Weston has done everything in his power to make Ciara Brady remember their relationship. Sadly, all his efforts have failed and Ciara still only sees Ben as a serial killer. However, the soaps have a way of taking something like that and turning it around.

Despite Ciara Brady marrying Theo Carver, screenwriter Ron Carlivati promised fans that there will be a happy ending. This was recently confirmed by Konefal, although he could say no more.

While Ciara Brady was still in hospital and diagnosed with amnesia, it was explained why she turned to Theo. They have known each other since they were little children. They had a relationship even when they were teenagers. Despite everything that has happened, Theo is the person who always makes Ciara feel safe.

When she woke up with no memories of the last three years, her whole world suddenly seemed alien. It’s a scary situation for a person. So she looked for something that would make her feel safe, and Theo was it.

DOOL: Drawn To Ben

DOOL spoilers reveal that Ciara keeps saying she wants a divorce and will marry Theo. However, she certainly spends a lot of time getting close to Ben Weston. She doesn’t seem to be afraid of him either, as she did when she first woke up with amnesia. Ben thinks he is beginning to remember.

More likely, however, Ciara feels a bond with Ben Weston in her heart. However, she is unable to understand this or make sense of the connection in her mind. It doesn’t make sense to her and it doesn’t make any sense.

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