DOOL: Why Was Ciara So Insistent?

DOOL: Why Was Ciara So Insistent?

DOOL spoilers hint that Ciara Brady Weston will defend Shawn Brady (Brandon Beemer) and Claire Brady in an upcoming episode of Days of Our Lives!

DOOL viewers will remember that Ben Weston burned the first divorce papers he ever got from Ciara Brady Weston. He gave her space after she left for Africa with Theo Carver (Cameron Johnson). In the last episodes of Days of Our Lives, Ciara and Theo returned together. Ben Weston came home from the lake on the Fourth of July to find Ciara sitting on his bed, wanting to make sure Ben signed the divorce papers.

Claire had driven him home, so if he had come he would have found Ciara Brady Weston with him immediately. Ben Weston and Ciara Brady Weston got into a huge argument and the man told her he burned the first set – and then he tore up the second set Ciara had brought. So why was the divorce so urgent?

DOOL: Why Was Ciara So Insistent?

Why was Ciara so pushy? While Ben Weston and Ciara Brady Weston were arguing in their room, Theo was at Julie’s Place telling Julie and Doug Williams (Susan Seaforth Hayes, Bill Hayes) that he and Ciara wanted to get married and that they were engaged!

Days of Our Lives viewers will know that normally Ciara would expect some support from her family for her decision and not that family members would be against her supporting Ben’s situation. However, both Shawn and Ciara Brady Weston encouraged Ben to continue looking for Ciara after she disappeared from Salem airport and Vincent Belman’s (Michael Teh) car exploded.

Shawn was initially reluctant, but then he and Ciara’s mother Hope Brady (Kristian Alfonso) left Salem to look for Ciara after finding her wedding ring. He knew it must have been breadcrumbs Ciara had left behind to let him know she’d escaped the car before it exploded – but where? After that, Shawn started looking too, and Claire and Shawn backed Ben in his search for Ciara alive!

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