Drew Barrymore reveals her dieting struggles after losing a whopping 25 pounds

Drew Barrymore reveals her dieting struggles after losing a whopping 25 pounds
Drew Barrymore reveals her dieting struggles after losing a whopping 25 pounds

Ah, Drew Barrymore. Those of you who have a certain age will remember her from 50 First Dates, Donnie Darko or the original Scream movie (I do not know who you are but I’m definitely old now), but lately she’s a lot more known for her diet.

Of course I refer to her Netflix show Santa Clarita Diet. But I also refer to the eating habits of Barrymore in real life, where she works just as hard to maintain her body, while she consumes up to 100 percent less human flesh to do this.

Drew Barrymore recently showed us how it works, emerging from the holiday season with a renewed work ethic, and showing off her new bid, now 25 pounds lighter. That was on December 21, when most of us built up a pretty big holiday feeling, but quickly moved ahead until February, and she finds it a lot harder.

She took her to Instagram to show her a bit more of her life, and placed a picture of a slice of pizza behind glass; so close yet so far away. I know that feeling. “This is exactly how I feel about my diet now!” she subtitled the post, and I have a real relationship with the 43-year-old here: going without pizza is heavy.

It was a very tough four-day for me.

She sent a photo of herself before and after the weight loss of 25 kilos and showed her joy in shedding the kilos.

“You can say that my face is so much thinner, it costs me so much work.Diet and practice and fight like a lion! Damn genetics! And yet thanks for all good things. I love where I come from (JOHN ETHEL LIONEL) and whatever package it is in. I just know that I have the control to be what I want, even if it’s hard AF! “

So we talked a lot about Drew Barrymore’s diet – what was actually on the menu for this actress, mother and all-round cool person? Well, would not you want to know? According to a source who spoke with HollywoodLife, Barrymore’s weight loss was based on extensive training, of course, but also on the cutting of processed food and that of her plate.

“Drew really wanted to get in shape, her weight has flanked her whole life but as she gets older, she has certainly started to find it harder to lower the weight than to get it,” explained the source, and I think the extent to which she went is impressive, to say the least.

“She worked very hard to lose 25 pounds, it was not an easy loss, she cut out all processed foods and ate very clean, lots of fresh vegetables and salads, as well as legumes and then she ate nuts for a snack when she was hungry between the meals, Drew also cut carbohydrates from her diet and increased her protein intake, so much lean chicken and fish and the occasional steak. “

Well, people: there you have it. Losing weight is difficult for everyone, even if you are Drew Barrymore, and I have to give her props to stick to them. Especially if there is pizza to tempt her.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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