EastEnders : Jack Branning turns killer as he confronts Tiffany Butcher’s rapist?

EASTENDERS ‘Jack Branning is the only person who knows that young Tiffany Butcher was sexually abused during the flight for scary drug dealers and he will soon face her attacker. How will he respond?

Jack (played by Scott Maslen) promised his cousin he would not tell the rest of the family on the BBC soap.

However, the storyline of EastEnders is revised in upcoming scenes when Tiffany (Maisie Smith) sees Fraser, her attacker.

Tiffany trusts Jack about the situation and Jack is clearly concerned about the teenager.

He later talks to Sonia Fowler (Natalie Cassidy) to check on how Tiffany is doing.

EastEnders : Jack Branning turns killer as he confronts Tiffany Butcher’s rapist?

But in the process he succeeds in stirring up Sonia’s distrust of what is going on.

Tiffany is not very happy and plays Jack while Sonia starts asking questions.

While Jack was initially required, his mind changed after he met Fraser in Albert Square Park.

He turns to his old policeman Muski (Patrick Cremin) for help, although it doesn’t go anywhere.

Jack decides to become a vigilante when he confronts Fraser himself and things get out of hand quickly.

He could get into serious trouble trying to get revenge for his niece. How far will Jack go?

Jack has other problems on the horizon in the form of Mel Owen (Tamzin Outhwaite).

Mel wants to bring Jack down after his involvement in the detention of her son Hunter Owen (Charlie Winter).

When Jack’s daughter Amy falls ill in upcoming scenes, Mel offers to take care of the younger ones.

However, she has ulterior motives and starts hunting Jack’s bank statements while he is away.

Max Branning (Jake Wood) interrupts her and to cover himself, Mel agrees to have a drink with him.

EastEnders : Jack Branning turns killer as he confronts Tiffany Butcher’s rapist?

Mel is not eager to go with Max, but the couple shares a kiss in the Queen Vic in the light of Max’s jealous wife Rainie (Tanya Franks).

Max invites Mel for another drink later in the week, but what he doesn’t know is that it’s the day of Hunter’s conviction.

She lowers it gently, but Max suggests that they go for business drinks instead and eventually go out together.

However, their evening is early when Mel Jack spies on with Muski.

Will she get her revenge in the end?

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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